To Handle Payroll Easier and Faster

Why stay up all night, every month, struggling with payroll?
Many companies use Excel to handle payroll.
You need to check each simplified tax tables and use complicated formulas to calculate the tax and deduct the amount.
In addition, the allowance should be calculated by checking the details of each employee's work, such as extra work and late-night work.
If it is a variable pay, the calculation becomes more complex.
The calculated salary must be completed by passing the payroll statement to each employee.

Calculating and managing these complex paychecks on a monthly basis is never easy.
That is why you need to find an alternative to managing your paychecks more easily than writing by hand or by using Excel.
Payroll that can be made easy with Ecount
You can calculate payroll automatically.
For allowances, separate tax and non-taxable items are calculated separately.
So, if you just fill out the base salary, all the complex calculations that follow will be done automatically.
All you have to do is check your calculated salary.
Working history will be automatically retrieved as well.
You can retrieve the commuting history by employee Because of variable pay or various allowances, the records of each employee's duties do not have to be checked and calculated every single time.
By retrieving work records will be connected to the allowance items to calculate the payroll.
You don't have to send a full payroll statement.
Ecount provides an online salary viewing system called UserPay.
UserPay works in conjunction with ERP, allowing individuals to check their paychecks directly online.
You can also check your work history or withholding receipt directly, so you do not need to request and forward data.
It is also possible to send a batch of payroll statements by email to all employees if needed.
It is linked with accounting.
The payroll can be directly reflected in the accounting book.
You can fill out the payroll and the deducted amount per employee will be used in accounting.
This is because the accounting details that are created are automatically reflected in all of the accounting books,
it eliminates the need to double-work on the same history.
To handle payroll easier