O/T & Leave Management
Keep track of employee attendance and leave to generate a precise payroll process. Our ERP has a feature to track clock-in and clock out and manage leave time.
  • Set paid leave types by individual users ID and track their submissions
  • Keep track of onsite and off site duty and confirm employees are being paid for their time appropriately.
    • Do I have to enter the T&A details one by one?
      You can batch upload data to Excel so you can register your time and attendance in Excel at once.
    • Is there a way for employees to record their own clock in/out times with ECOUNT?
      Of course. Using ECOUNT log in, log out time, you can record clock in/out time.
    • Can I manage the remaining days of the vacation?
      You can set the annual leave and the annual calculation formula according to the company's own principles so that you can manage the number of days left for each employee to leave and easily check the details through various reports.
    • If employees do not use e-approval and upload their time of yearly or night shift, does the person in charge have the ability to check and reflect them in their books?
      Employees can input the attendance directly through the online payroll system(UserPay), and the person in charge can check after confirming the employee's completed time and attendance slips from the ERP time list menu.
    • Is there a way to make sure that the employees have entered clock in/out from outside?
      Yes. You can check the history of clock in/out time from external IP and check the place you entered.
    • Can I automatically calculate the number of employees annual leave given accordingly to their working hours?
      Based on the Labor Standards Act, the annual number of days is automatically calculated based on a 40-hour, 44-hour system.
    • Is it possible to calculate the salary based on the data entered in T&A?
      The ultimate goal of time and attendance management is to reflect pay and allowances. By linking the time and attendance code and the salary allowance item, the attendance record of the employee can be reflected in the salary.
    • Can I manage the attendance(annual) in conjunction with e-approval?
      In ECOUNT, you can enter the time and attendance immediately, and only the completed payment can be reflected in the T&A.
    • I would like to manage the time and attendance records such as tardiness and early leave. Is it possible?
      In addition to the basic Earning/Deduction provided by ECOUNT, you can manage up to 30 additional items per category.
    • I want to see the data related to the time and attendance at a glance and report it as a settlement.
      It is possible to check at a glance and make an e-approval after output through the Time Attendance Summary and several books.
    • Can I count the tardiness in their salary?
      Possible. You can reflect deductions such as tardiness as a negative amount in your salary.
    Main Features
    • Time Management
      • Create user profiles and assign all work details such as work hours, salary, leave and pay information.
      • Leave time can be added and customized then calculated based on the earnings and deductions set up.
      • You can check the attendance history by employee through various reports such as Time Attendance Status, Paid Leave Status, etc.
      • Employees can apply request leave by an e-approval
    • Time Management Reports
      • Based on the time employee commute, one can calculate time and attendance.
      • Then link the attendance and payroll to reflect employee time and attendance records in the salary.
    O/T & Leave Management