Store Management
With ECOUNT, you can easily manage multiple stores, branches, and merchants.
  • Check the inventory of multiple stores in your head office in real time.
  • In each store, you can enter the inventory data directly and analyze them by store.
  • Apply the authorization so that you can enter and confirm only the data of your store for each store owner.
  • Provides suitable retail sales input for retail store.
    • Can I manage inventory by branch/store?
      Possible.It is possible to manage inventory in/out for each branch/store and it is automatically reflected in the inventory book, so you can check stock in real time.
    • Can I manage inventory for each warehouse?
      Possible. You can check inventory for each warehouse at a glance in the inventory balance per warehouse.
    • Can I check real-time inventory per store?
      ECOUNT is a web-based program, so you can check inventory status by each store(warehouse) in real time when you input.
    • Can I make the inventory of other stores invisible for each store?
      You can set store access(location) per user so that the other stores cannot see the inventory.
    • Can I manage multiple stores at once?
      You can enter and view each store (warehouse) separately, so management per each store is possible.
    • Can I manage certain stores together?
      You can set a warehouse group and search for the desired group on the reports.
    • How can I manage inventory stock moving from one warehouse to another?
      Through the Location Transfer input, you can enter and confirm the movement history for each store(location).
    • Is it possible to separately manage the safety stock for each location?
      You can manage the quantity of safety stock required for each location through setting.
    • Can I manage unused location separately?
      For unused locations, you can temporarily deprecate and keep the data in ECOUNT.
    Main Features
    • Integrated management by store
      • In the Inventory Balance by Location, you can check the list of items at a glance for each store, the quantity of stock, etc.
      • If the store enters the entry and exit details, you can view the inventory in real time at the head office.
    • Check inventory by store
      • You can enter a location(store) in any menu related to the inventories.
      • You can check and analyze all contents related to the inventory, such as sales, purchasing, and logistics movements by each store.
      • Inventory movements between stores are automatically calculated, which can essentially prevent data omission.
    • Access of store by employee
      • You can set up users to manage only specific stores.
      • Through the Accessible Location Level Group, you can set up multiple stores to be managed by one persons.
    • Quick Sales function
      • Provides store sales input function for retail stores where the product is frequently shipped.
      • Barcode scanning allows you to recognize item information, issue and deposit transactions at once, and use it in a form similar to POS. You can transfer the sales history entered in the Quick Sales to ECOUNT, and easily check the stock issue and payment status of each store.
    Store Management