Serial/Lot No. Management
Serial/Lot No. is necessary for detailed management of the same item
Inventory control by Serial/Lot No. is possible and can be customized to keep track of item information is recalls occur.
  • Enter and inquire about the number of stocks by Serial/Lot No.
  • Also set barcode, Serial/Lot No. management expiration date and customized fields.
    Main Features
    • Serial/Lot No. History Management
      • Assign individual serial/lot no. to the same items, track the distribution and production process, and manage post-management histories such as A/S.
      • Utilize the automatic generation function of a large number of serial/lot no., or you can batch upload data's that you have worked with memo or Excel.
      • Various reports such as Serial/Lot No., Inventory Balance/Inventory Book can be used to manage detailed history by serial/lot no.
    • Inventory Management by Serial/Lot No.
      • Individual management of all items such as sales, purchasing, production, A/S, product defect, returns, etc. is possible through selection of Serial/Lot No.
      • Based on the Serial/Lot No. inventory held by each location(store), you can process goods in and out.
      • Add fields of Serial/Lot No. in various inventory books such as Sales/Purchase Status.
    • Serial/Lot No. Barcode Management
      • Barcode creation/printing functions allows you to scan and manage barcodes without having to remember complicated Serial/Lot No.
      • With ECOUNT App, the Serial/Lot No. barcode can be recognized and reflect the input immediately in the ERP.
    Serial/Lot No. Management