Safety Stock Management
By utilizing the safety stock function it can prevents from inventory dropping below negative
  • Check the shortage quantity by item.
  • Receive a notification pop up when inventory is below safety stock.
  • You can calculate order quantity with safety stock minimum.
    Main Features
    • Safety Stock Settings
      • Set safety stock quantities individually for each item and location (store).
      • Assigns safety stock to use or do not use by menu such as order, sale, and move
    • Out of stock Notification
      • Inventory quantities that have fallen below safety stock inventory are displayed in red shades.
      • You can apply 3 notification methods : Show warning message of below safety stock at factory shipment, disable order reception or not available for sale.
      • When setting up a warning message, you can check the safety stock quantity and deficit quantity of the item in the message
    • Calculation of Purchase Order Qty
      • When calculating the optimal order quantity by using the Purchase Plan menu, safety stock can be included in the calculation standard.
      • You can easily create the purchase order by selecting only items below safety inventory.
    Safety Stock Management