Safety Stock Management
By utilizing the safety stock function it can prevents from inventory dropping below negative
  • Check the shortage quantity by item.
  • Receive a notification pop up when inventory is below safety stock.
  • You can calculate order quantity with safety stock minimum.
    • Can I check my current stock and safety stocks together?
      Yes. You can set the form for each book, so you can display the current item's stock and safe stock quantity together in the Inventory Status form. You can also use the formula to show the difference between the safety stock and the current stock.
    • Is it possible to order only items below safety stock level?
      Yes. With the Purchase Plan menu, the program automatically calculates the order quantity, considering your safety stock level. You can automatically create a purchase order based on the quantity that is determined by your purchasing plan.
    • I would like to view only the stocks that are below safety stock level.
      You can see a list of items that are less than the safety stock level in Inventory Balance Report at once.
    • Can I register safety stock on items in bulk?
      Yes. Safety stock quantities can also be uploaded by Excel in bulk, making it easy to register even if there are many items.
    • Is it possible to set safety stock separately for each warehouse?
      Yes. Safety stock can be set based on total inventory or for each warehouse locations.
    • Is it possible to limit my order entry or sales entry if I did not fill the safety stock?
      Yes. When saving a voucher, you can apply it to prevent the storage from being saved if the quantity drops below the safety stock level, or to check and save after the notification message.
    • Can I see the items that require safety stock level management and items that do not need it?
      Yes. When you search for items, you can view the items that require or do not require safety stock level management separately.
    • Is it possible to manage safety stocks of raw materials that are put into production?
      Of course. It is also possible to restrict the quantity of raw/sub materials that are put into the production to prevent the drop of the quantity below the safety stock when inputting the production history.
    • Can I check safety stock of an item without the quantity ordered by the salesperson?
      For the orders that were placed, you can create a temporary warehouse and move it there. You can place the safety stock quantity in the main warehouse.
    Main Features
    • Safety Stock Settings
      • Set safety stock quantities individually for each item and location (store).
      • Assigns safety stock to use or do not use by menu such as order, sale, and move
    • Out of stock Notification
      • Inventory quantities that have fallen below safety stock inventory are displayed in red shades.
      • You can apply 3 notification methods : Show warning message of below safety stock at factory shipment, disable order reception or not available for sale.
      • When setting up a warning message, you can check the safety stock quantity and deficit quantity of the item in the message
    • Calculation of Purchase Order Qty
      • When calculating the optimal order quantity by using the Purchase Plan menu, safety stock can be included in the calculation standard.
      • You can easily create the purchase order by selecting only items below safety inventory.
    Safety Stock Management