Project Plan Management
Compare performance against goals, so you can easily see progress and achievements.
  • You can establish concrete plans for each project
  • It is easy to see whether or not the planned targets are achieved.
    • Is it possible to compare actual sales to estimated sales per each project?
      You can plan actual sales per project and enter actual sales revenue, so you can compare the actual sales to the expected sales.
    • Can I add items to compare performance per each project?
      You can add additional items to sales, purchasing, and labor costs.
    • Can I select a sort order in the items?
      Yes. You can prioritize so that items with higher priority can be entered quickly.
    • Can I compare multiple projects over a specific period of time?
      Yes. You can check the summary with detail when you search plan/performance book for each project.
    • Can I specify start and end dates for my projects?
      Yes. You can also set up a business start/end date and search for books based on that date.
    • Can I download the amount for each project in Excel?
      Yes. You can download the entered data by clicking the Excel button at the bottom of the menu.
    • Can I choose summary criteria for each project item?
      Yes. It is possible to check the summary data after selecting the project, item, customer, contact person, location.
    • Is it possible to check the sales amount for each project?
      ECOUNT allows you to count sales per project on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
    • Can I enter the planned amount for my project?
      Sales, purchasing, labor, and expenses can be entered in advance as plan amount for each project.
    • I want to compare the plan/performance of the project for each customer. Is it possible?
      It is also possible to compare not only accounts but also items, personnel, locations, departments.
    • I would like to add a planning item when registering a project plan. Is it possible?
      You can add more items to your company besides sales, purchasing, labor costs, expenses registered as basic.
    • Can I see the performance for only one specific project?
      When you search for reports, you can search for just one project that you want to view.
    • When I check the Income Statement, I would like to see the profits for each project.
      You can check the Project Search conditions by selecting total, individual, comparison display method.
    • Can I bundle multiple projects and manage my performance all at once?
      You can group multiple projects and search them all at once.
    • Can I hide projects that I no longer use when I enter a voucher?
      By deactivating it, unmanaged projects can be hidden.
    • I only want to see the specific account amount that I used for a particular project. Is it possible?
      You can select the project and check the performance by the amount of the specific account when you view your ledger.
    Main Features
    • Establish Project-specific Goals
      • You can set the achievement items for each project, the summary criteria by item, and the account titles linked with the ERP.
      • You can specify the annual, quarterly, and monthly target amounts for achievement items by employee, customer, and department.
    • Goal Performance Comparison
      • You can select a project from the menu Sales, Purchasing, Accounting and enter the slip.
      • The difference between goals and results after project completion can be grasped at a glance and you can analyze the results immediately.
      • You can check different types of project plan/actual situation reports per period, summary indicator.
    Project Plan Management