Unit Price Management
The transaction price may change frequently depending on market conditions or contracts with the customer.
ECOUNT offers a variety of price schemes, so you can adapt it to your situation.
  • You can register various unit prices for one item.
  • Automatically fetch the last price of the customer.
  • Discount rates can be applied for each customer.
  • Easily view the change of the price.
  • You can limit the price access per user.
    Main Features
    • Application of multiple prices
      • If the price that applies to one item is different, you can register up to 10 units in addition to the basic price.
      • You can select the registered price at the time of transaction. (For example, you can register the sales price of the item 'Simple Shirt' as $20. In addition, the store sales price to $25, the department store $30, and the shopping mall price $21, etc.)
      • You can bulk upload item price data to Excel.
    • Automatic application of final price
      • If the unit price changes frequently, you can call up and apply the last deal price automatically.
      • This function is to automatically apply the last entered price when selling/purchasing the same item again with the same business partner.
      • Manage prices more easily if you use them in industries with frequent changes in prices such as fruits and vegetables, and food.
    • Apply discount rate per customer
      • If the margin rates by partner are different, you can set the discount rate in advance and apply it to the selling price.
      • If you want to discount at a specific point in time, such as a special discount or a sale period, you can apply the discount rate directly from the entry screen.
    • Price history management
      • The recent transaction history of the item you want to sell/purchase can be reproduced immediately at the time of transaction entry.
      • At a glance, you can check the fluctuation trends in purchasing price and shipping price by date.
      • You can display the history at the moment you enter and apply the displayed price as it is.
    • Accessibility of price per user
      • You can set the price edit right for each user when entering the transaction.
      • Limit purchase cost queries to minimize exposure of corporate trade secrets.
    Unit Price Management