Order Management
By using the order management function of ECOUNT, you can see at a glance the work done by various employees in a schematic view. From order to purchase, production, and shipment.
  • From order to shipment, we can apply your company's business process to the system.
  • Once step-by-step processing is complete, notifications are immediately available to the employee
  • At a glance, you can see the progress of each step.
    • We have our own business process steps, can we manage this in ECOUNT?
      The Order Management menu allows you to set up and manage business processes. You can speed up the work process by specifying the interlocking menu for each job step.
    • Can I use the Order Management menu to check my progress for each processing step?
      Yes. You can check the status of work progress by work step at a glance.
    • Is it possible to set the Order Management menu according to our business flow?
      Yes, you can arrange the desired order according to the work flow of the company and manage each order.
    • When using Order Management, can I notify my staff of the progress?
      Depending on the progress, you can set a notification so that the person in charge can see it immediately.
    • Is it possible to search past Order Management records?
      You can check the history of previous orders at any time by setting a date range.
    • Can I manage files by order?
      When you use the additional Groupware service, related files can be attached to each order by utilizing the personal file box function.
    • Is it possible to set Order Management numbers in the order that we want?
      It is possible to set the desired format for each company so that the code can be automatically and sequentially assigned.
    • Can I set permissions to the templates shown in Order Management?
      Yes. When you set up template permissions, the template is only shown to authorized users.
    • Is there a way to directly enter the new sales input in the quotation?
      You can set up and manage your business process steps with the Order Management menu.
    • Can I assign a different employee for each step of the process?
      You can assign a person for each step of the process, and you can follow the steps through the notification.
    • If I complete the processing steps, can I send a notification to the person I want?
      Notifications can be sent via email, notes, or app push, and you can specify the receiver.
    • The order of transactions varies depending on the case. Can I manage it at once?
      Through Order Management, you can specify and manage the order of business for each transaction.
    • If we delete the order control number, are all matched documents deleted?
      Only the Order ID is deleted, and the document is not affected.
    Main Features
    • Business Process Management
      • Up to 10 business process procedures can be registered centering on your purchase orders.
      • You can speed up your workflow by specifying the interlocked menu for each processing step.
        (Eg: 1st step/Order - 2nd step/Purchase order - 3rd step/Purchase - 4th step/Sales - 5th step/Receipt)
    • Processing notification
      • You can specify the employee for each processing step.
      • You can proceed to the next step without delay by notifying others when the previous step is completed
    • Check progress
      • You can check the status and details of the order progress at a glance in the Order Mgmt. Status.
      • You can proceed the work directly from the inquiry screen without moving the menu.
    Order Management