Warehouse Inventory Management
You can manage the inventory of many locations without limitation.
You can check Inventory Balance by Location in real time, reflecting the latest inventory details.
  • You can register multiple locations and check inventory at a glance.
  • Materials entered into sales, purchasing and production are automatically reflected in the inventory reports.
  • You can check inventory in real time anytime, anywhere.
    Main Features
    • Multiple location management
      • There is no limit to the amount of locations, so you can manage inventory distributed to all locations/stores.
      • You can check inventory by location.
      • Inventory movement can be managed by recording changes occurring between locations.
    • Set access permissions
      • You can limit the access of locations per user.
      • Use the CS Portal to give your customer an access to specific location inventory
    • Automatic inventory calculation
      • If you enter sales, purchasing, production, etc., it will be automatically reflected in the inventory.
      • You do not need to enter the same data for inventory management.
      • The program accurately reflects the increase/decrease of inventory, so more accurate inventory management is possible
    • Real-time inventory management
      • ECOUNT is 100% Web-based and you can use it anytime and anywhere by accessing the internet.
      • If you need to check inventory from outside due to outbound or business trip, you can check in real time without any request.
    Warehouse Inventory Management