Warehouse Inventory Management
You can manage the inventory of many locations without limitation.
You can check Inventory Balance by Location in real time, reflecting the latest inventory details.
  • You can register multiple locations and check inventory at a glance.
  • Materials entered into sales, purchasing and production are automatically reflected in the inventory reports.
  • You can check inventory in real time anytime, anywhere.
    • How many warehouses can I register?
      ECOUNT allows you to register unlimited number of warehouses, so you can easily manage inventory in multiple locations.
    • If I enter the data related to inventory in/out without omission, is the inventory management done automatically?
      Yes. If you enter sales, purchases and productions slips, it will be automatically reflected in the inventory book.
    • Can I manage inventory for each of my companies, even if I have more than one?
      Possible. You can manage multiple companies, as well as real-time inventory of stores/branches that are far from one another.
    • Can I check my locations/warehouse inventory easily at the store?
      Possible. Permission can be set per ID, so you can allow each ID to identify specific warehouse stocks.
    • Is it possible to move inventory between warehouses?
      Possible. You can easily record the inventory changes that occurred between warehouses, which allows you to manage your inventory history and check the exact inventory per warehouse.
    • Can I set the sales unit price per warehouse?
      Yes. It is also possible to set the sales unit price and the additional tax rate, as well as setting the purchase unit price. It can be useful if you have a discount at a specific store or a warehouse at a branch office that has a different tax rate.
    • Do the warehouses have to exist physically in order to be registered as a warehouse?
      No. Since you can register unlimited warehouses/locations, you can classify and manage inventories by character or type, like defect products warehouses or sample warehouses.
    • Can I check inventory outdoors?
      Of course. You can use ECOUNT whenever and wherever you want with the internet, so you can check inventory in real time anywhere.
    • Can I manage inventory on a mobile phone?
      Possible. You can handle remote warehouse or store sales/decrease, and you can check inventory status in real time on your mobile phone.
    • I would like to manage the inventory loaded on pallets by each pallet.
      By connecting the pallet number to the serial/lot number, you can manage the type and quantity of items loaded on the pallet per each pallet.
    • Can I grant warehouse access to each manager?
      Of course. You can restrict access to warehouses on a per-user basis to prevent unreasonable access.
    • We manage multiple warehouses. Can I manage inventory per warehouse?
      Possible. You can manage the inventory in/out details for each warehouse, and you can check inventory per warehouse.
    • Is it possible to manage the factory inventory?
      Possible. Entering the production history automatically reflects the inventory movement from the factory, so you can easily manage it.
    • Is it possible to manage inventory per store?
      Possible. Each store serves as one warehouse, and the inventory in/out data entered at the store is reflected in stock in real time.
    • Is it possible to know the quantity of the outsourcing factory's raw/sub materials?
      Possible. By registering the outsourcing factory, you can manage the outsourcing process, and you can also check the inventory per each outsourcing factory.
    • Is it possible to manage inventory per warehouse area?
      Possible. If a single warehouse is divided into several sections, you can manage the inventory by dividing the warehouse per section.
    • Can warehouse personnel handle inventory in/out directly from the warehouse?
      Of course. ECOUNT is 100% web-based ERP. You can manage your warehouse inventory by using your mobile phone or laptop when you have an inventory in/out from the warehouse.
    • I would like to keep the stock more than a certain quantity in order to secure the safety stock.
      You can set and manage the quantity of the safety stock per location/item.
    Main Features
    • Multiple location management
      • There is no limit to the amount of locations, so you can manage inventory distributed to all locations/stores.
      • You can check inventory by location.
      • Inventory movement can be managed by recording changes occurring between locations.
    • Set access permissions
      • You can limit the access of locations per user.
      • Use the CS Portal to give your customer an access to specific location inventory
    • Automatic inventory calculation
      • If you enter sales, purchasing, production, etc., it will be automatically reflected in the inventory.
      • You do not need to enter the same data for inventory management.
      • The program accurately reflects the increase/decrease of inventory, so more accurate inventory management is possible
    • Real-time inventory management
      • ECOUNT is 100% Web-based and you can use it anytime and anywhere by accessing the internet.
      • If you need to check inventory from outside due to outbound or business trip, you can check in real time without any request.
    Warehouse Inventory Management