Item Management
For smooth inventory management, it is necessary to systematically organize the classification of items.
You can use ECOUNT to register various information such description, specification, and group them by category.
  • You can register and manage various information on items.
  • Items can be grouped and managed by category.
  • You can easily register lots of item information in Excel.
  • At a glance, you can check the details of the items received.
    Main Features
    • Item Information Management
      • In addition to basic information on items, you can register various information such as quantity, unit price, cost, etc.
      • In addition to general records, you can set additional control items to manage the information in detail.
      • Item list setting allows you to see at a glance the desired item information, such as image and quantity relationship.
    • Item category classification
      • You can manage the item group by registering subgroups up to 10 levels including manufacturer, brand, color, etc.
      • When entering and viewing registrated datas, you can search easily by using the specified Item Group
    • Batch registration of item information
      • You can easily upload an existing item list to ECOUNT via the Excel Uploader function.
      • You can edit the information of already registered items in a batch.
    • Inventory details by item
      • You can see all the items such as sale, purchase, production etc. at a glance based on the item.
      • You can process inputs and view on one screen, such as inventory status and history, sales, purchases by item, without moving the page.
      • You can set the form to include detailed information for the item on your Sales Slip or inventory ledger.
    Item Management