Item Management
For smooth inventory management, it is necessary to systematically organize the classification of items.
You can use ECOUNT to register various information such description, specification, and group them by category.
  • You can register and manage various information on items.
  • Items can be grouped and managed by category.
  • You can easily register lots of item information in Excel.
  • At a glance, you can check the details of the items received.
    • In addition to the information that ECOUNT provides, can I enter extra information that I need to manage when registering a product?
      Possible. In addition to the fields provided by default, you can register additional fields that you want.
    • There are input fields that are not provided by the program by default, such as HSCODE, import license number, etc.
      You can add fields that are necessary for management other than those provided by default, and check it when you input or view data.
    • Is safety stock control possible?
      Possible. You can set safety stock by location/item and view items that are less than the safe stock quantity, or you may be notified of any deductions below safety stock.
    • Is it possible to manage taxable goods and duty free goods?
      You can set items to be taxable or exempted. It is automatically applied when you enter the item in the input menu.
    • It is difficult to manage items since each employee has a different name for referring to same item?
      You can easily manage it by using the keyword search function. If you register another name other than the actual item name as a keyword, you can search for the item by another name.
    • Is barcode management possible?
      Possible. The barcode number can be registered in the item information, and the item in which the barcode number is registered can be easily reflected to the inventory in/out through the barcode scanner.
    • Is item group management possible?
      Possible. Items can be classified into groups and managed. When checking various reports, data shown can also be grouped in each categories you make.
    • I want to enable the employees to utilize only the items they are in charge of.
      You can set authorization on the ID. You can place access restrictions on items per ID, so each ID can view and enter only the items that they are responsible for.
    • I want to move the list of registered items from the previous program that I have been using. Is it possible?
      Possible. Data can be batch uploaded to Excel, so if you have a list of items that you have already managed, you can easily register your data.
    • Can I edit the list of already registered items in bulk?
      Possible. You can select and modify in bulk in the item list, or batch-change them to Excel.
    • I would like to see the various unit prices in the item list at a glance.
      The item list form can be modified so that multiple unit price items can be displayed in the list.
    • Does the automatic code generation function apply to new items?
      Of course. Item code can be automatically assigned when registering a new item, and the item code generation standard can be set manually.
    • Can I view only the list of items I have not used for a year?
      Possible. You can check the items that have no history for 1 year, and you can delete unused codes at once.
    • I would like to register pictures of items and view them in the list of items.
      You can register images in items, and registered images can be displayed in various reports, such as item list, transaction statement, and sales status.
    • Can I exclude a certain item to be not shown in the inventory related reports?
      Possible. If the item does not require inventory management, it can be set to not be displayed on various inventory books. This item can be saved without inputting the quantity when inputting the voucher.
    • Is there a feature that allows you to view sales history, purchasing history, and quantity of stocks on a specific item basis at a time?
      Yes. Based on the item, you can see the history of sales, purchasing, inventory, etc. at a glance, and you can easily proceed to input the voucher from the same screen.
    • Can I register a new item with ECOUNT app?
      You can also use all of the ECOUNT features in our mobile app. You can register items, and if a barcode is attached to the item, you can scan the barcode with your phone camera and register the item and the barcode at the same time.
    • Can I store my list of items in Excel?
      Yes. All registered items can be converted and stored in Excel at any time.
    Main Features
    • Item Information Management
      • In addition to basic information on items, you can register various information such as quantity, unit price, cost, etc.
      • In addition to general records, you can set additional control items to manage the information in detail.
      • Item list setting allows you to see at a glance the desired item information, such as image and quantity relationship.
    • Item category classification
      • You can manage the item group by registering subgroups up to 10 levels including manufacturer, brand, color, etc.
      • When entering and viewing registrated datas, you can search easily by using the specified Item Group
    • Batch registration of item information
      • You can easily upload an existing item list to ECOUNT via the Excel Uploader function.
      • You can edit the information of already registered items in a batch.
    • Inventory details by item
      • You can see all the items such as sale, purchase, production etc. at a glance based on the item.
      • You can process inputs and view on one screen, such as inventory status and history, sales, purchases by item, without moving the page.
      • You can set the form to include detailed information for the item on your Sales Slip or inventory ledger.
    Item Management