Inventory Reports
ECOUNT automatically reflects the data entered into sales, purchases, and production into inventory status and reports.
You can check the latest inventory information in real time without having to manage inventory separately.
  • You can always get the information you need right away and make accurate decisions.
  • The data entered is automatically reflected in all inventory reports without any extra work.
  • Reports can be optimized to fit your company's needs.
    • Can I check the inventory in/out data entered in the external location directly from the office?
      Yes. In ECOUNT the data entered by the user is automatically reflected in every report, so you can see the corresponding purchase/sale data in real time.
    • Is it possible to change the form according to the one that we are currently using for our inventory/reports?
      Possible. You can add/remove items in the report form, change the name, etc., so that you can use the appropriate report form for your business.
    • Is it possible to view certain inventory books/reports in various forms?
      Yes, it is possible. ECOUNT allows you to view reports in various forms with up to 50 output forms.
    • Can I display an approval line when printing stock inventory/reports?
      Yes. When you print the report, you can display the approval line, and it can be applied as desired.
    • Is it possible to view stock inventory/reports from outside?
      Possible. Because ECOUNT is a web-based program, you can view your desired reports anytime, anywhere.
    • Is it possible to check inventory per each warehouse when viewing inventory books?
      Possible. In ECOUNT, you can view inventory per each warehouse in real time through Inventory Balance for each location.
    • In addition to the inventory books that can be used to identify only simple inventory quantities, we need the Product Production Journal and Raw Material Book.
      By utilizing the production function of ECOUNT, you can view various production reports such as Goods Receipt/Consumed Status.
    • Can I view reports on product defects?
      You can view inventory reports on defects that occurred in each processes and by defect types.
    • Our company has a unique number or Lot number for each item. Can I check the stock by its own number or Lot number?
      Yes, you can. With ECOUNT you can manage sales, purchases, refund, production, after-sales services as well as inventory balance by using serial/lot no. for each item. On top of this, you can set each item's manufatured date and validation(expiry date) by its specific serial/lot number.
    • When I check stock quantity, can I see the details of the item together?
      Possible. You can change the report form so that the details of the item can be included in the inventory.
    Main Features
    • Available Inventory Reports
      • Management Report: Inventory Balance / Inventory Book / Inventory Summary / Inventory Report etc.
      • Sales Related: Sales Status / Outstanding S/O Status / Profit Status / Quotation Status etc.
      • Purchase Related: Purchase Status / Purchase Order Status / Outstanding P/O Status.
      • Manufacture related: Job Order Status / Goods Issued Status / Goods Receipt Status, etc.
      • Others: Location Tran. Status / Defect Rate Status / Inv. Adjustment Status, etc .
    • Quickly generate Inventory Data
      • Sales, purchasing, production, etc., will be automatically reflected in inventory books.
      • The hyperlink function allows you to trace back from the book to the first input screen.
    • Report Customization
      • You can register up to 50 forms for each printout.
      • You can include key information of the item in the inventory, so you can see the flow by item at a glance.
      • You can specify a form to view by ID.
      • You do not have to rework with Excel to see what you want.
    Inventory Reports