Inventory Adjustment
Using Inv. Adjustment function, you can easily transfer the initial inventory at the time of program introduction.
  • Easily register the initial stock amount after initial setup.
  • You can adjust the quantity if there is a discrepancy between the actual and the ERP inventory.
    • What if the actual quantity in stock differs from the quantity in the ERP?
      If you enter the quantity of stock that you actually have, the program automatically calculates and adjusts it, and you can see the difference between the book quantity and the actual stock at a glance.
    • Can I upload data for inventory count?
      If you have a large number of items, you can use the Excel uploader function to easily input the quantity of stock.
    • Can we easily modify the inventory while we check the inventory in the warehouse at the same time?
      Inventory can be easily adjusted while checking inventory quantity per each item or for the entire warehouse.
    • I would like to see the difference between the inventory on the books and the actual one, how can I see it?
      If you force inventory adjustment, you will be able to check with a book that provides the existing amount, the current inventory quantity and their difference at a glance.
    • Is it possible to adjust the quantity of certain items to zero?
      Yes. You can adjust the quantity of items to 0 by specifying a baseline date and location.
    • Is it possible to input actual counting information with a barcode?
      If the item information contains a barcode, you can scan the barcode and enter the actual inventory.
    • Can I enter the quantity of inventory per each warehouse?
      When adjusting inventory, you can input the quantity for each warehouse, and you can easily check Inventory Balance per location after the adjustment.
    • Can I check the history of inventory adjustments?
      You can check the inventory adjustment history for each item through viewing Inv. Adjustment Status and Inventory Book.
    • Can I edit the inventory history?
      Even after the inventory adjustment, you can modify the details of the actual input and adjust it again.
    • Can I revert back to the inventory quantity prior to the adjustment?
      You can delete the inventory adjustment and revert to the previously set quantity.
    • Is it possible to input the quantity of stock in barcode?
      You can register and manage barcode information on items. You can easily and precisely input the scanned barcode when you input the actual information.
    • Is it possible to prevent other employees from modifying an ERP slip after entering the initial inventory balance?
      By setting the Ending Date of Restricted Period, it is possible to restrict the modification/deletion of data before a specific date, thereby preventing the basic data from being changed.
    Main Features
    • Existing Data Transfer
      • Easily transfer the data of the basic stock.
      • Bulk upload using the Excel Uploader function.
    • Adjustment on stock discrepancy
      • If you enter only the actual stock quantity, regardless of the ERP inventory quantity, the program automatically calculates the stock quantity.
      • Check the progress of physical inventory by item and location.
    Inventory Adjustment