Online Ordering System
We offer a free system that allows customers to place orders directly online.
ECOUNT can be used to significantly reduce inefficiencies such as loss or omission data, inconsistencies in transmission content, and delay of work.
  • We offer a site dedicated to ordering on online.
  • The system environment can be customized for your company.
  • You can manage your order by online.
  • You can solve the problem of discrepancy of inventory with outsourcing company.
  • You can communicate smoothly with your customers.
    Main Features
    • Online Ordering System
      • It is a system that can process sales orders, purchase orders, and outsourced production with customers such as dealers and subcontractors online.
      • You can exchange transactions with your external clients in real time and share the progress.
      • There is no limit to the number of IDs provided to your partners, so it can be used by all customers
    • User Configuration
      • You can customize the menus to be shown and used by your customers.
      • You can grant authorizations to each customer who will use the system. (Specific locations/branch designation, connection time limit, etc.)
    • Online Order Receipt
      • You can receive an order directly online without using a phone, fax or e-mail from a dealer or a customer.
      • You can send notifications such as messages, mobile push notifications, and SMS to the designated sales person when entering the order.
      • The employee can easily save the sales slip after confirming the order details.
      • Customers can check online approval status and progress, and also print out sales slip, tax invoices, ledgers, etc.
    • Purchase order sharing
      • When a purchase order in ERP is entered, it is automatically reflected in the online ordering system.
      • The delivery account with access to the system can log in and check the requested content.
      • Customers who have access to the system, can log in and view what they have requested.
      • Outsourcing Management
    • Easy information sharing with customers
      • Customers can directly view allowed reports, such as past transaction history, ledger, etc.
      • By creating a shared board, can communicate business notices to customers,
        receive complaints from customers, and so on.
    Online Ordering System