Online Ordering System
We offer a free system that allows customers to place orders directly online.
ECOUNT can be used to significantly reduce inefficiencies such as loss or omission data, inconsistencies in transmission content, and delay of work.
  • We offer a site dedicated to ordering on online.
  • The system environment can be customized for your company.
  • You can manage your order by online.
  • You can solve the problem of discrepancy of inventory with outsourcing company.
  • You can communicate smoothly with your customers.
    • There are merchants or outsourcers that do not use ECOUNT, Can I share orders, etc.?
      You can manage it using the online ordering system. You can give an ID to a merchant or an outsourcer so that they can enter to order.
    • When using the online ordering system, will the client company log into our ERP?
      Apart from ERP, a dedicated site for online ordering system is provided.
    • We have a lot of older customers, so it should be simple to use. Is online ordering system easy?
      It is easy enough to use. The online ordering system can also change the input screen like ECOUNT ERP. If you leave only the items that are essential for the input item, they can use it easily.
    • Can I separate the order form entered in the ERP with the order form in the online ordering system?
      Of course. You can see the order from the online ordering system separately from the order list. After checking the person in charge, you can proceed to the next step, so you can manage your order without missing it.
    • After the deadline, can I prevent my orders from being placed through the online ordering system?
      Possible. You can set the inaccessible time per customer ID. During that time, you can notify your order time with a popup, so it is possible to limit their order after the deadline.
    • When there is no inventory on the item that the customer wants to place an order, is there a feature that can notify this to the customer?
      Yes, if you set a safety stock. When they save their order, they can be notified when inventory is low.
    • My company needs confirmation about online orders in real time. Is it compatible with ERP?
      The information entered through the online ordering system is reflected in the ERP in real time. At the same time, you can send notifications to your contacts in real time so you can quickly check the orders.
    • Is there a way to efficiently inform clients when they ask for orders that they have ordered through the online ordering system?
      The most efficient way is to check it yourself when the customers want it. If you add a menu that allows you to view the order history on the online ordering system screen, you can check it directly.
    • How many people can use the online ordering system?
      ECOUNT does not limit the number of users. The online ordering system also has an unlimited number of users because it is a free supplementary service provided by ECOUNT ERP.
    • Is it possible to distinguish between menus that each company should see and menus that should not be seen?
      It is possible to set up different menu authorizations so that only allowed menus can be accessed by each user ID given to each stores.
    • I would like to see if the customer has an outstanding balance.
      When the customer logs into the CS Portal, you can configure the menu so that you only check the receivables of that customer.
    • If the items are all different when placing an order, can I set it so that it shows only the items that the client company uses?
      You can apply items separately for each ID, and manage your business more efficiently by setting up items that are necessary for each customer.
    • Can a customer check the item image in the online ordering system?
      By registering an item image in the ERP, you can also check the item image in the online ordering system.
    Main Features
    • Online Ordering System
      • It is a system that can process sales orders, purchase orders, and outsourced production with customers such as dealers and subcontractors online.
      • You can exchange transactions with your external clients in real time and share the progress.
      • There is no limit to the number of IDs provided to your partners, so it can be used by all customers
    • User Configuration
      • You can customize the menus to be shown and used by your customers.
      • You can grant authorizations to each customer who will use the system. (Specific locations/branch designation, connection time limit, etc.)
    • Online Order Receipt
      • You can receive an order directly online without using a phone, fax or e-mail from a dealer or a customer.
      • You can send notifications such as messages, mobile push notifications, and SMS to the designated sales person when entering the order.
      • The employee can easily save the sales slip after confirming the order details.
      • Customers can check online approval status and progress, and also print out sales slip, tax invoices, ledgers, etc.
    • Purchase order sharing
      • When a purchase order in ERP is entered, it is automatically reflected in the online ordering system.
      • The delivery account with access to the system can log in and check the requested content.
      • Customers who have access to the system, can log in and view what they have requested.
      • Outsourcing Management
    • Easy information sharing with customers
      • Customers can directly view allowed reports, such as past transaction history, ledger, etc.
      • By creating a shared board, can communicate business notices to customers,
        receive complaints from customers, and so on.
    Online Ordering System