You can register item quantity using a barcode.
The mobile app, you can scan barcodes with a phone's camera save information.
  • Barcodes can be registered by item.
  • Print the barcode label to attach to the product.
  • Scan the barcodes of items to record your inventory amount.
  • Scan a barcode with your mobile phone camera and save it as the purchase/sale.
    • Is it possible to manage inventory in/out with barcodes in ECOUNT?
      Yes. You can scan the barcode of the item and input inventory in/out details.
    • Do I need a barcode scanner?
      You need a wired barcode scanner to enter your inventory in/out directly to your computer, but if you're outdoors, you can also install the ECOUNT app on your phone to scan barcodes.
    • Can I print barcodes?
      If you enter the barcode number for each item, you can print the barcode and set the form manually.
    • Is it possible to check the inventory of an item with a barcode?
      By installing ECOUNT app on your phone, you can immediately check the inventory status of items by scanning the barcode.
    • Is it possible to print barcodes for each item in the Transaction Statement?
      You can insert barcodes through template settings in Sales Slip.
    • Can I print via FormTec without buying a separate device?
      It is possible to print via FormTec, so you do not have to buy an expensive printer. When you print barcodes, you can change the paper setting to FormTec and print.
    • Is it possible to use a QR code instead of a barcode type?
      Printing and scanning with QR code is possible.
    • We generate barcodes from lot numbers, is it possible to create and use barcodes at the time of inventory in/out?
      In ECOUNT you can print barcodes as well as serial/lot numbers for each item. You can load serial/lot numbers when you scan.
    • Is it possible to manage inventory in/out by barcode through mobile app?
      Barcode recognition using a mobile phone camera is provided.
    • Can I check the real-time inventory when a barcode is recognized on the spot?
      If the store's mobile device reads the barcode, then you can check it on the app.
    • Is there a separate ECOUNT barcode reader for sale?
      Most barcode readers on the market can do the job. However, the performance difference depends on the recognition rate of the wireless barcode.
    • Can I use barcode scanning feature on mobile apps even though that menu does not offer camera scanning?
      If you connect the barcode scanner with the mobile device using the OTP gender, you can read the barcode using the mobile web page.
    • Is there any device required for printing barcodes?
      Printing on roll paper requires a separate printer. However, if you want to print in simple label sticker format, you can print on label paper from your printer.
    • Serial barcode management is required.
      We support serial barcode function, so it can recognize and output per product serial.
    Main Features
    • Item Barcode Management
      • You can scan the barcode or enter the barcode number to register your stock such as sales, purchases, production, etc.
      • It can be converted to a regular barcode system even if you input random numbers and alphabet instead of the official barcode system.
    • Barcode label output
      • In addition to barcode labels, you can set the content you want to print.
      • There are 6 types of bar codes available : Code39, Code128, Ean13, ISBN, QR Code, Date Matrix
    • Entry and exit record utilizing barcodes
      • When you input data due to stock move, such as sale, purchase, etc., you can process them using the barcode scanner.
      • You can quickly process sales by using the barcode function in many customers' stores.
    • Scan barcodes using ECOUNT app
      • If you install ECOUNT app, you can scan barcodes using your mobile phone camera.
      • Inventory processed through barcode scanning are immediately synchronized with ERP.
      • Even outside, in the locations, factory, etc., you can use ECOUNT app to manage your inventory.