Online Task Management Software

Collaboration is essential in today's work environment. ECOUNT ERP provides a collaborative software with tools necessary for communicating among a team, even when working remotely. Users can store documents, share data, send messages, and brainstorm together, all in a cloud-based ERP program.

Common Issues

  • Difficulty managing tasks to employees and tracking project progress.
  • Difficulty collaborating together on projects and tasks.
  • Businesses struggle to keep data and work secure.
  • Difficulty managing versions of documents.
With ECOUNT ERP, you can assign tasks and projects to employees, create weekly reports and more. Users can keep data confidential while including those participating in the project. The work boards can store documents, images, and send messages when a user adds or edits a post.


  • Assign and manage tasks and projects with greater ease.
  • Users are able to collaborate on documents, contribute ideas, and work together more efficiently even when working remotely.
  • Have multiple work boards for different projects and departments.
  • Store documents in the system for secure access anywhere.

Key Functions

Assign work and projects

  • Create up to 20 different boards for departments, projects, or teams - whatever
    works best for your company.
  • Manage files sent to and from on one board.
  • Add Ccs to the messages to keep other users in the loop.

Manage work progress

  • Send messages with progress updates.
  • Assign a status of New, In Progress, Hold, and Finished to projects and
  • Add multiple departments to work boards to keep all relevant users included.
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