Vehicle Operating Log
Due to Commercial Car Tax Law, corporate car logs have become mandatory.
ECOUNT makes it easy to create a car mileage and expense log.
  • You can record information such as driver name, destination, distance traveled and the purpose of travel.
  • We support forms such as a log book of commercial cars mandated by the National Tax Service of Korea.
    • Is it possible to calculate the distance traveled automatically by entering the distance shown in the car dashboard?
      Yes, the driving distance is calculated automatically if you input before and after distances.
    • We have salespeople who use company cars to drive long distances. Can we manage company vehicle log by each person?
      Yes, with Vehicle Log menu, you can view history by each salesperson.
    • Can I record driven distance and destination of a company vehicle?
      If you use our Outside Duty menu, you can easily register driven distance as well as your destination.
    • Is it possible to check driving history by PIC?
      Yes, if you input PIC when creating a slip, you can easily search by PIC.
    • Can I check driving history by each vehicle?
      Yes it is possible to view log by vehicle if you input the type of vehicle when creating a slip.
    • Is data backup available?
      Yes, you can export into Excel format in Vehicle Operation Status menu.
    • Can I upload pictures of the car dashboard?
      Of course. You can upload an image together with your driving log. If you wish to upload by mobile phone, you can take a photo with your mobile then upload it straightaway.
    Main Features
    • [Vehicle Operating Registration
      • You can register a rental/lease vehicle or vehicle owned and record all details using the operating log.
      • With the ECOUNT mobile app, vehicle location(GPS) can be instantly saved.
      • Enter the amount of mileage traveled and keep records precise by attaching a photo of vehicle odometer.
      • The purpose of vehicle usage can be (work purposes, commute to work, etc.) you can set the usage types. [Vehicle Operation History Management
    Vehicle Operating Log