Timesheet Management
SECOM, KT Telecop, Caps can be integrated to Ecount in order to prompt a better systematically manage commute.
Records from approved integrated systems can be retrieved instantly from Ecount.
  • Manage employee attendance and clock in/out time.
  • Print various types of reports related to employee time management.
    • Is it possible to work with an external attendance program?
      It can be linked with S1, Caps, and KT Telecop programs, so you can automatically recall the time and attendance history.
    • Can I check my clock in/out history?
      It is possible to manage from the Clock In/Out Record and Clock In/Out Status menu.
    • Is it possible to only see the contents related to tardiness or early leave?
      You can check the tardiness/early leave history in the Tardiness menu by setting your company's time.
    • Is it possible to manage attendance internally?
      You can manage clock in/out times without an external commuting program through the check-in function at login and the automatic exit at log-out.
    • Is it possible to manage attendance for outside workers?
      You can manage the commuting status of outsiders separately from the Clock In/Out Status menu.
    • Is it possible to manage attendance by setting our company's own commuting time?
      You can manage your commuting records according to the Time Zone set in ERP.
    • Can I manage my commuting status for each department/user?
      The Template Setup function is provided in the menu of clock in/out, and it is possible to easily inquire about each department, a summary for each employee, daily working hours, etc.
    • Can I write a report on attendance?
      You can view and print reports related to attendance such as Clock In/Out Status, Tardiness, Daily Time Sheet.
    • Can administrators modify commuting history in bulk?
      You can view and modify the history for employees by providing a full tab in the Clock In/Out Record.
    • Can I keep track of multiple commuting times?
      You can record multiple entries/departures per day on the Clock in/out records and leave a note.
    • Can I connect my commuting time to an external system?
      There are three types of external systems that can connect with ECOUNT ERP: S1, Caps, and KT Telecop. You can connect your external system with ERP to check your in/out record.
    • Can I check my commuting time?
      If you want to check the actual commuting time and the time stamped, you can check the commuting time and input time by setting a form in the Communiting State page.
    • Can I check my employee's tardiness records?
      If you set the working hours for your company or for each employee, anything recorded after the start time is treated as tardiness and you can see the history in the tardiness status.
    • What features should I use to manage the commute?
      If you want to manage your employees' commute, they can go to the log-in screen and check clock-in, and press the button log out/clock out when leaving. There is also a menu that allows them to check in and out by themselves.
    • Can I use my employee's clock in/out record to calculate their salary?
      If the record of clock in/out is checked, you can calculate the amount of overtime during the calculation and reflect it on to their salary, after you have checked their time and attendance.
    • Can I record my employees' in/out times at once?
      If you have checked the commute time for each employee, you will be provided with the ability to export the commute record to Excel. If you upload data according to the format, you can upload the commute record for each employee at once.
    • I want to check the working hours for each employee.
      You can see the daily working hours for each employee. You can also see the working hours, minutes, standard working hours, and the differences for each worker.
    • Can I get our company's daily worker's commuting records?
      Since there is no limit to the number of user IDs, daily employees can also create an ID to record their commute.
    Main Features
    • Commute Management
      • When you log in/out of ECOUNT ERP, you can check your commute to better manage employee company attendance in and outside the office.
      • Check the commute time automatically in conjunction with programs such as SECOM, KT Telecop, and Caps.
      • Hours in the Field function allows you to manage your outside workers time
    • Commute Report
      • Attendance records can be managed according to the standard time set for ERP.
      • Search the daily commute by department/employee, daily time sheet, etc.
      • View reports related to attendance such as Clock In/Out Status, Tardiness, and Daily Time Sheet.
      • Check your clock in/out and attendance, such as vacation, and your commute in one report.
    Timesheet Management