Survey Management
Company feedback from employees is essential to the growth of a company.
ECOUNT allows you to create internal surveys, and cast votes of important company decisions creative a collaborative envirmonment.
  • Internal company decision-making can be registered by voting, and each employee's opinions can be rationally converged.
  • Checking the vote status, you can engage participation for decision-making on important issues, so that the results enables fair management.
    • Is surveying status shared in real-time?
      Yes, a list of voters will be provided.
    • When I create a new survey, how can I let my employees know?
      You can send notifications by messages or you can even choose to show the new survey pop up when a user first logs in.
    • When surveying, can a post or a slip be shared together as a reference?
      Yes, you can refer to any posts or slips when creating a survey.
    • Can I share surveying information in ECOUNT messenger?
      It is possible to share it in the messenger.
    • Can the survey be finished even though not everyone has voted?
      Anyone who has uploaded the survey can choose to end it whenever.
    • Even though a user is not a GW user, can he/she participate in the survey?
      Yes, anyone can participate in the survey even though he/she is not a GW user.
    • Is there a specific format to the survey?
      There is no specific format that you must use when creating a survey. However, the minimum number of 2 survey items has to be met. You can register up to 20 survey items in a survey.
    • Can I only register in the contents part of the survey menu? I would like to add more information but the input field is not enough.
      When you register a survey, you can refer another post from the bulletin boards. Since posts can contain much more information, it will be more efficient.
    • Can I add extra notes in addition to survey contents?
      After choosing survey items, you can leave memo and comments.
    • How do I check survey contents?
      A registered survey is shown as soon as you log into ECOUNT for fast checking.
    • How can I check voting status?
      During the voting process, you can check the progress of the vote by individual, so you can shorten or extend your voting deadline.
    • Can I see my previous surveys?
      Since there are 2 tabs - In Progress and Completed - you can check in the completed tab or to filter by date.
    • Is it possible to copy an old survey?
      Yes you can copy an old survey for fast registration.
    Main Features
    • Survey and Vote Casting
      • Set up a voting template and have employee cast their voting results, up to 20 voting options can be included.
      • When registering a survey/vote, one can send and share a detailed description of their results by creating and attaching a reference post
    • Check Survey/Voting Status
      • Registered survey/ voting results are displayed in real time, so employees can instantley check the survey/voting results.
      • One can also check individual surveey/ voting results status during the time of open voting period.
      • In addition to survey/voting options displayed, one can also share comments, creating a more transparent and direct line of comunication for the company.
    Survey Management