File Storage
With ECOUNT My Storage, you can easily share and manage business documents.
Save files and images Ecount slips or items so you can easily find and attach them when creating orders, internal work board communications or sending files via our chat messenger.
  • Document files stored in Ecount My Storage can be used as attachments to inventory and accounting slips and items.
  • Cloud services such as Google Drive and One Drive can be used in conjunction with ECOUNT.
    • Can I link external storage service to ECOUNT?
      Yes, we currently offer Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and BOX so if you are using any one of these storage systems, you can easily link to ECOUNT.
    • Can I share image files for internal usage purpose?
      Yes. You can share image files by registering them in Image Storage.
    • Can I attach materials such as drawings when creating a slip?
      When you can attach any data or files from MyStorage.
    • Can I attach a shared image in posts?
      Yes, if you have already registered shared images in Image Storage, you can attach them easily in posts.
    • What is the storage capacity?
      When using GW, 50GB is offered for additional 5 users at $10 per month
    • What if I exceed the storage capacity I have?
      You should back up your data and delete them in ECOUNT to get more capacity or increase your GW capacity at additional cost.
    • How many files can I attach?
      You can have up to 5 from MyStorage and 10 if they are straight from your PC.
    Main Features
    • Document and Image Control My Storage
      • You can save files and images and attach them when you create a specific post or slip.
      • My Storage List allows you to view and modify the slip attached to the document
    • Image Storage Utilization
      • In addition to document files, you can manage image files that will be used internally by the company.
      • You can select and insert images on various I/O screens, including boards and draft statements.
      • Image Storage can be used to upload item images when registering them.
    • Cloud Services
      • Don't have enough space for data Storage, save files to external clouds and download them into Ecount.
      • Migrate the data and files into Ecount, but the physical storage location is an external cloud, so that file storage capacity has no affect.
      • Supported clouds include Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.
    File Storage