Work Sharing
Share important data amongst employees or executives.
ECOUNT create various work board to organize shared information within company.
  • Record and share your work with each user and easily find the work post for a later time.
  • Build a collaborative system that shares work in progress, company projects, and feedback.
    • Is there a way to share our work efficiently?
      By using the groupware's board function, you can instruct tasks or share progress.
    • Can I attach documents or images when I am creating a post?
      You can easily share your business resources by attaching documents and images to your posts and replies.
    • Can I send notifications to my employees when I am writing a post?
      You can send out a full notification when you write a post and reply, or you can send it to a specific person.
    • What types of notifications can I send?
      You can send notes, messages, Email, SMS and mobile push notifications.
    • Our company seems to be lacking in groupware capacity because there are many big sized files. Can I work with other clouds?
      Certainly. You can work with Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and BOX so you can use cloud capacity when attaching files.
    • How many files can I attach to a post?
      You can attach up to 10 at a time. You can attach more multiple files to a reply at the same time.
    • Can I share related posts only to certain employees?
      You can specify forwarders so that you can share your posts only to specific departments or employees. You can also specify the whole, so it is useful when you want to make a full announcement.
    • Can I back up my posts periodically?
      Of course. You can back up up to 30,000 registered posts at a time with Excel.
    • Can I add a board to share the work?
      By creating up to 50 different boards for each type of work and character, you can share your work among employees.
    • Can I check the progress/completion of a post?
      Yes. You can apply progress to a post so you can easily see how it is progressing.
    • Our company has a lot of outside workers. Can I share my recent posts?
      If outside workers have installed ECOUNT app on their mobile phone, they can share their delivery in real time with mobile push notifications.
    • I have difficulty sending and receiving files to my colleagues whenever I use e-mail.
      You can easily share your work with attachments to your posts.
    • Can I get notifications when the posts are edited or have additional postings?
      You can send notifications to forwarders or referrers by note, mail, or text.
    • There are many projects in progress. Is it possible to manage ongoing documents or completed proposals per each project?
      You can manage posts by their progress status such as New, Progress, Hold, Inactive, and Completion.
    • There are a lot of employees who say that they have not seen any new posts. Can I check the history of who has read the post or not?
      Of course. You can check the Viewer/Unviewed, First/Last Read Time in real time.
    • I have to ask employee every time I need to open work files from outside. Is there a better way?
      You can share files by attaching them to boards. These files are stored in ECOUNT server so you can download them anytime and anywhere.
    • When I write a post, I must write it in a specific form. Can I create a basic posting form?
      Yes. When creating a post, you can apply forms such as tables and phrases to appear as defaults.
    Main Features
    • Share Work Board
      • Create uup to 50 different discussion boards for your teams or individuals and assign progress statuses for each forum. Regardless of the classification of the board, you can manage only the documents that you have sent or received. Share attachments such as documents and images.
      • Real-time notifications can be sent by messages and email to confirm acceptance of work task.
    • Collaboration Transparency
      • Assign employees and track the progress to work board created.
      • Manage work boards by status of New/In Progress/Hold/Stop/Finished. View only the work in progress if you desire.
      • Easily share business data between users and departments in one place, and stay on track.
      • Safely and securely store your company's documents in the ERP system.
    Work Sharing