Schedule Management
Manage all company's schedules, employees' overtime, holidays, and personal leave.
View all schedules all at once in a personal or shared calendars on a PC or mobile app.
  • Share company schedule with employees and manage all company events efficiently by using search filter to search additional details pertaining to events.
    • Schedule is a feature in the Groupware. Do I have to pay for it?
      You can use it for free. Among the groupware functions, schedule management, Clock In/Out management, business card management functions are provided free of charge.
    • Is it possible to register schedule on the mobile app too?
      Yes. You can register and check your schedule on mobile too, and you can check instantly when you login to your app by setting the widgets.
    • Can I download registered schedules in batches?
      Yes. You can use the backup function of ECOUNT ERP to select the desired period and download it in excel form.
    • Can I notify my employees of an impending schedule?
      When a registered schedule arrives, you can send notifications to attendees via various forms of notifications such as SMS, notes, and app push.
    • Is it possible to batch register recurring schedules such as weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules?
      You can set the repeat cycle, day of the week, and so on through the setting function of the Schedule to register the recurring schedule at once.
    • Can I view my schedule in calendar form?
      You can view the schedule in the form of a monthly calendar, and you can check the schedule in various forms such as list, day, and for each user.
    • Is it possible to schedule a delivery date when an order comes in from a customer?
      In addition to the sales order, you can link it with the purchase order and job order to schedule the delivery date. You can send the delivery date to the person in charge through the notification function.
    • Can I add necessary items to my company when I register schedules?
      Input screen setting allows you to add text, numeric, code type and so on, and use it according to your company's needs.
    • Is it possible to divide the schedule according to its character and search in this format?
      You can register a schedule break value according to the nature of the schedule, such as meetings, events, and vacations, so that you can view when you search for related dates in the future.
    • Can I set the schedule as the main screen of ERP?
      Set the calendar menu as a widget in the ERP main screen through the EP Dashboard setting. Then you can easily check the registered schedule as soon as you access the program.
    Main Features
    • Schedule Settings
      • Set the schedule type, input fields, and required fields according to your company needs.
      • Decide whether to repeat a recurring event.
      • Manage schedules by multiple employees, and set notifications by email or internal message alert.
    • Schedule Status/Search
      • View schedule events by hourly/daily/weekly/monthly.
      • Search schedules by user/department/customer/remarks.
      • Select to view schedule by individual user or collectively as an entire team.
    Schedule Management