Project Management
Project management can help present transparency across any task design to be managed by all company departments.
  • Record all details related to project and records all communication in one board making all progression visible for all to view. Project progress can be checked instantly in a Gantt chart.
    • Can I manage progress status of a project?
      Yes you can view the progress status by project or by task at a glance.
    • Can I manage tasks by project?
      Yes you can create sub-tasks for each project and share the progress and related contents by each task.
    • Will the employees be notified when I complete a task?
      When you enter a post for a specific project or a sub-task, you can give another user a push notification.
    • Can I see the progress of all projects at a glance?
      You can see the progress of not only one but all projects that your company is carrying out at a glance.
    • Is it possible to save and share project-specific attachments?
      You can easily create a storage for each project, save project-specific attachments, and share the attachment with multiple users when viewing the progress of projects.
    • Can I view the progress of each project separately?
      Yes. You can divide the progress status by scheduled, finished, on hold, and terminated, by project and you can further segment the progress status if necessary.
    • Can I refer ERP slips in project posts?
      Yes ERP slips such as quotation, purchase orders, job orders, and payment journals can be used as a reference.
    • Can I count the number of projects for the past year by PIC or by customer?
      Yes you can see progress and work time by tasks, PIC, progress, departments, customers and many more.
    • Is it possible to mark those projects that have passed the deadline?
      There is a setting for highlighting past project deadlines and see them by daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly.
    Main Features
    • Project Management
      • You can record any work and manage the history by project. Allowing to tag all slip information to make searching information about any project fast and easy.
      • The progress, input fields, reference slips of each project can be managed systematically by setting.
      • The details in the project can be tracked and managed in detail by recording the progress of each person in charge. Gantt Chart
    Project Management