The Necessity of Groupware

What is Groupware?
Groupware is a system that consists of functions such as e-approval, bulletin boards, calendars and etc.,
that helps with members of the company to share work and help with decision making processes.
Why do businesses need groupware?
Collaboration and work sharing among members are essential for smooth operation.
You can send, receive, and share files through e-mail, USB, or personal messenger programs, but sharing and viewing of the shared data can be troublesome and because it is difficult to manage history of the work shared, many people look for better alternatives.
Groupware is a community of all our company's data You can check your data anytime and send it anywhere just by accessing which makes it easier to share your work.
That is why many companies have recently introduced groupware as a way to improve their business efficiency.
The necessity of Groupware
Ecount will be the perfect Groupware for you.
You can apply your company's own approval method.
You can apply the draft template format used by your own company.
You can also apply different approval lines for each department, so an unique approval structure can be made.
If necessary, you can attach files to the draft, such as an images, documents, or even ERP vouchers and slips.
Linkage with ERP
Ecount groupware is linked with our ERP.
You do not have to create separate transaction details to share your work.
For example, when an e-approval is made, transaction details such as sales orders, sales, expenses, and suspense payments recorded in the ERP can be retrieved to be referred to, so that you do not need to create a separate slip for your payment.
In addition, the transaction details created in the draft may be automatically reflected in the ERP report details when the transaction is actually completed.
You can refer to ERP transactions on a bulletin board when necessary, so when you are sharing them with other departments,
it is easy to send without having to double-create the same history through the reference function.
Real-time connection
The biggest feature of groupware is fast work sharing.
You can access Ecount on your PC as well as on your mobile APP.
For example, you can quickly carry out e-approval via moblie outside the office which shows that you can access it anytime to check your work whenever you need it.
Bulletin boards
You can organize and operate bulletin boards in any form that you want.
You can create bulletin boards by department, project, and PIC, and setting up of the input fields that are required for the post can also be done.
When you create a post, you can refer to documents or pictures as well as your ERP's transaction histories.
Even if a person leaves the company, all of his or her work history will remain on the board, so the job will be continued without a hitch.
In addition, you can connect with Google Drive/One Drive/Dropbox/Box and Cloud to share files easily.
Corporate Messenger
Corporate messenger system is free of charge.
There is no limit to the number of users so it is available to all employees.
The transaction details and postings in ERP can also be linked, making it easier for faster communication.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
You can manage customers' call history, sales activities and many more.
You can manage your history by dividing it into stages.
ERP and CRM functions can be used as one because ERP transactions such as quotations and sales orders can be attached together.
Schedule management
You can register employees' personal schedules or share schedules within the company to check them under various conditions, such as daily/weekly/monthly.
When registering or changing a new schedule, you can send messages to the PIC by email to avoid notice omissions.
Vehicle logs
Vehicle logs allow you to record the operation of an out-of-office vehicle.
Not only can you record the driver, destination and mileage, but you can also attach a picture of the main board in the vehicle to help you manage your journey more accurately.
You can check the vehicle travel log by employee/department/vehicle based on the recorded operation details.
In addition, you can use various functions such as voting management, commodity management, personal file box management, and departmental work log management for free.