Are you familiar with Groupware?
Our competitors' Groupware products are nowhere close to our ECOUNT Groupware.
The key to efficient work environments is ECOUNT.
Offering a variety of features designed to promote efficient cooperation
Are you still using text messages or emails to communicate with your team?
For work-related tasks, it's best to communicate within your business management software.

ECOUNT offers communication tools that are fully integrated and available anytime, anywhere.
Instant work-sharing through real-time work management options.
If a person in charge of a task is not present in the office,
carrying out the task in a timely manner is difficult.

With real-time sharing and notifications,
a team member can share important information quickly and remotely.
Feel as if all your effort is only producing half the results?
ECOUNT provides a unique software that offers ERP and Groupware combined.
Maximize efficiency with ERP synergy
Entering and tracking expenses shouldn't be lengthy and duplicated work.
Are you doing double or triple the work?
Not just another expense tracking software.
Efficiency in running a business can be maximized when all of the work is managed with one unified solution.
Everything that needs to be managed can be done via ECOUNT.
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An added bonus, ECOUNT Messenger.
An added bonus, ECOUNT Messenger.
Using personal or unsecured messengers due to high cost?
ECOUNT provides a free messenger.
  • - Free for unlimited users
  • - Organize chat rooms and transfer files between teams
  • - Attach and link existing documents and posts for easier work-sharing
  • - Never miss a notification with toast pop-ups, alarms, and more.
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For optimal real-time business management, use our ECOUNT Mobile App.
For optimal real-time business management,
use our ECOUNT Mobile App.
You can use all of ECOUNT's functions
outside of the office via the Mobile App.
  • - Easily switch to the full desktop version for full capabilities
  • - Scan a barcode using the camera on the mobile device
  • - Enter and track orders, send instant messages, and more with a push alarm.
  • - Real-time approval of drafts via e-Approval
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Misconceptions of Groupware
  • Think Groupware is not needed for small businesses?
  • Think large companies require a more advanced Groupware module?
ECOUNT provides a solution that fulfills a company's requirements regardless of size.
As a result, we have a staff of over 300 employees that are also using our Groupware
module to track tasks, communicate internationally, and keep our business running around the clock all over the world.

The company that uses ECOUNT Groupware best is ourselves. Feel free to ask our team!
Request a live demo and our team will show you exactly what we love about our own Groupware!