Office Equipment
Keep track of office equipment instantly!
With ECOUNT ERP, you can assign and track internal office equipment being used by company employees in real-time.
  • You can register office equipment by user, date/time, and returned status. Keeping track of expensive and all internal office equipment will help minimize lost and mismanaged company equipment.
    • Is it possible to manage the usage history for my office equipment?
      You can check the history of office equipment usage by each users.
    • Would I be able to check whether a conference room is in use or not through ECOUNT ERP?
      If you register the conference room as an equipment, you can check whether the conference room is in use or not.
    • Is it possible to manage office equipment usage by daily/monthly/by office?
      Yes. You can check the daily/monthly/equipments usage in different tabs.
    • How can I manage company vehicle usage history?
      With office equipment function, you can record history of company vehicle use and leave notes.
    • Can the office equipment usage be shown in a calendar format?
      Viewing by calendar format is available or you can also enter the date on the calendar right away.
    • Can I take pictures of office equipments and save them together?
      You can attach files when creating an equipment history, or you can upload photos instantly by mobile.
    • When registering office equipment history, can I set an additional comments field?
      Since the input screen can be modified, you can add any input fields such as numeric type, text type and date type.
    • I would like to know the usage status by each equipment at a glance. Is there any way to make it more stand out for each item?
      If you use the label function which can be displayed in different colors, each item can be distinguished easily.
    • I would like to print a report for one month's usage details. Is it possible?
      If you filter the date, you can view and print relevant reports.
    • Can I view my office equipment history by the hours of a day?
      You can check both usage history and returned history of office equipments by each hour.
    • Can I check the equipment usage by each user?
      Of course, you can check the usage status of office equipment by user.
    • I regularly use office equipment, do I have to enter it every time?
      No since the repeated usage details can be registered automatically.
    Main Features
    • Office Management
      • Check the status of available office equipment by searching by a returned status.
      • Have a record of equipment used by employee to know who is currently and last used the piece of equipment.
      • Narrow down the date and time when the office equipment was used and returned. Office Equipment
    Office Equipment