ECOUNT can combine ERP that records the actual work with the approval process of it.
Reduce troublesome duplication and increase efficiency.
  • The e-approval of the ECOUNT can be used in conjunction with ERP.
  • You can use the draft document format that your company currently uses.
  • You can implement the same business process as the actual payment system.
    Main Features
    • E-approval and ERP Integration
      • The details of draft documents, such as payment journal, quotations, and purchase orders, which have been approved are automatically reflected in ERP.
      • In ERP, you can call up the accounting and stock slips and create drafts, and set them up to be automatically reflected when they are approved. Draft Document Form Settings
    • Implementation of Approval Process
      • You can check the progress by step in real time at the same time as the drafting.
      • The comment function makes it easy for the drafter and the approver to communicate with each other.
      • Real-time approvals can also be made externally via mobile apps and various notification functions.