ECOUNT can combine ERP that records the actual work with the approval process of it.
Reduce troublesome duplication and increase efficiency.
  • The e-approval of the ECOUNT can be used in conjunction with ERP.
  • You can use the draft document format that your company currently uses.
  • You can implement the same business process as the actual payment system.
    • Will I be able to use the transaction history registered in ERP to create a draft sheet?
      You can attach an ERP slip, such as a quote, order, purchase order, job order, spending item, etc., and set it to reflect the book when the payment is completed.
    • Can I approve the drafts outside?
      Of course. ECOUNT can be used anywhere on the Internet, so you can check and approve the drafts outside.
    • Can you make a form for the draft content, or do I need to make it myself?
      There are many samples of frequently used forms, and you can use the supplied samples to modify them or use them to create your own.
    • Am I notified when my approval turn comes?
      Yes. You can send notifications to approvers in turn, and you can send SMS, Eamil, and mobile push alerts in addition to your messages.
    • If the person in charge is absent, is it possible to use Bypass or Wrap-up Approval?
      Yes. ECOUNT is available everywhere that has Internet access, so it can be processed immediately even if you are in a hurry or outside.
    • Can I register and manage my approval lines?
      You can set a line of approval for a common template, or you can set up a line for individual approval for each ID.
    • Can the people other than the approver check the paperwork?
      It is possible to share the draft through the Cc. and you can set the Cc. time before and after the approval is completed.
    • Can I bring the data that is already registered in the slip and reflect it when I input the draft?
      You can create a draft by bringing the already registered slip to e-approval. It is also possible to automatically reflect on the books after approval.
    • Can I have the desired slips automatically created?
      You specify the slips linked to each form so that you can enter the necessary slips when you enter the draft.
    • Can I use my company's draft form as is?
      You can register and use the draft document form used by your company.
    • Do I have to create a slip from the e-approval and enter the menu again to create the slip?
      The attached slip is reflected in the completed slip, so you do not have to create the slip once again.
    • Is it possible to recover deleted drafts?
      You can see the deleted history, but you cannot undelete it.
    • Will it be possible to enter my stamp or signature on the approval line?
      By registering a stamp or signature to be used in the approval line, you can proceed with the settlement work in the same form as the actual settlement.
    • Can the referrer of the e-approval be able to check the draft only after the approval has been completed?
      When creating a draft, you can specify when the Cc. will be checked. The comment also depends on the reference time.
    • Is there any way for the approver to modify the content of the draft during the e-approval process?
      In the case of the approver of the corresponding draft, only the approval and the attachment of the supplement can be added. They cannot modify the contents of the draft.
    • I hope that the approval line of the e-approval is confirmed in the interlinked slip.
      The appropriate method is to set each line; the approval line of the e-approval and the line of the slip.
    • Is it possible to check the e-approval in the mobile application?
      All of the ECOUNT information can be accessed with the app, so you can check the notifications in the app if you set a reminder when you create a draft.
    Main Features
    • E-approval and ERP Integration
      • The details of draft documents, such as payment journal, quotations, and purchase orders, which have been approved are automatically reflected in ERP.
      • In ERP, you can call up the accounting and stock slips and create drafts, and set them up to be automatically reflected when they are approved. Draft Document Form Settings
    • Implementation of Approval Process
      • You can check the progress by step in real time at the same time as the drafting.
      • The comment function makes it easy for the drafter and the approver to communicate with each other.
      • Real-time approvals can also be made externally via mobile apps and various notification functions.