Custom Boards
Leave using old methods with Excel files and have more control by designing your own data cells templates.
Ecount's DIY [Do It Yourself] Board will allow for data to be generated, tracked and managed instantly .
  • DIY Board allows one to select custom fields including numeric, text, date, employee, customer, vendor, project and more. The DIY boards can be linked to the ERP modules, such as the Sales menu.
    • Can I add and delete any input field items I want?
      Yes, you can add items, change the location, and so on.
    • Is it possible to set up a post permission to enable departmental business sharing?
      Yes. You can set the posting authority for each ID, and you can specify the authority for input/view/ modification separately.
    • I would like to record and collect the customer service satisfaction survey data and use it as an evaluation material. Is this possible?
      Yes. You can add various types of items such as numbers, texts, dates, and files, and you can extract the data you input in the inventory summary format.
    • Is it possible to print or download the entries?
      Yes. Print and Excel conversion functions are provided.
    • Is it possible to specify required input value and selection value when creating a board?
      Yes, you can easily set it by checking [Required] for each
    • Is it possible to link the articles written on the board to the ERP menu?
      Yes. It is possible to create New Sales slip. You can see that the sales slip will be created if you just set up the Board > Options > ERP mapping.
    • Can I attach an image or a PDF file that I want to share after creating a post?
      Yes. We provide file attachment function within the capacity provided to the number of users.
    • Will there be a hyperlink function within the board that allows you to go directly to the site?
      Hyperlinking through separate URLs within posts is not available, but when you set the Field to text value/URL, it will work.
    • Is it possible to change the name to what we want instead of using the default name?
      Yes. You can make a [My Page] for each ID to change the name to your liking.
    Main Features
    • Organize and Create Data Board as You Wish
      • Title a board and set the board display and order.
      • Pull data from the inventory and accounting menus such as customer, product, project, department, employee name.
      • Customize and configure board settings such as location, size, and initial default display.
    • Data Check
      • Find information faster by using quick search conditions and convert the data presented into Excel , or print out directly.
    Custom Boards