Customer Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is essential to maintaining long term business with customers.
Register a history of all customer consultations or sales activities .
  • Create and manage customer contact information consistently.
  • Easily manage of customers' history and distinguish between potential and current customers.
    • Can I check the customer contract according to their progress?
      Progress status can be set for each post, so you can check the progress of each contract separately.
    • Is the CRM client management also possible?
      Yes. You can register potential client information, and if they become a real client in the future, you can immediately reflect it as an ERP client.
    • Is there a business card management function?
      Yes. From the business card management menu, you can register various information such as name, contact information, mail information and browse easily if necessary.
    • Is it possible to send texts and emails?
      Yes. The text/mail can be sent to the person in charge at the registered CRM/General Clients .
    • Is there a way to enter a lot of customer information easily?
      Yes. With the Excel Data Uploader, you can upload large amounts of data quickly and easily.
    • Is there a way to easily view the menus or accounts I have recently searched for?
      Yes. You can check your most recently searched records from the All-in-One menu.
    • I would like to display the history of my recent business transactions using the All-in-One menu. Is that possible?
      Yes. You can also check if you have written articles on the board from the menu, such as Groupware Worksheet or Consultations.
    • Can I specify menus that can be used in the All-in-One menu?
      Yes. You can change the menu access through the permission setting for each ID.
    • Is it possible to register both regular and irregular customers?
      They can be managed separately after registering customers through our [Business Contact] menu.
    • I would like to manage the Sales History board according to the progress.
      In addition to sales target, sales, and completion of sales, you can set the progress for each stage required for your company.
    • I would like to distinguish each business customer when registering a business card.
      It can be classified by the sales person using the Card Group and can be used as a search condition later.
    • I would like to see the entire transaction history of a particular customer.
      You can check the details of purchases and sales based on each customer using the All-in-One.
    • I want to create more boards related to customer management.
      You can add a new board with the desired name besides the pre-existing boards.
    • Can I add items that are essential for my company's customer management to the board?
      Yes. Input items can be set up, so you can register additional items that you need for customer management.
    • Can I upload my existing business card history at once?
      You can bulk upload data to Excel, so you can register business card details at once.
    • Is it possible to search by customer name on the CRM Board?
      There are various conditions that can be searched, such as customer, customer name, and item.
    Main Features
    • Customer Information Management
      • Record information about potential clients and current customers to ensure proper leads communication.
      • Specify whether to share information among employees about customer information.
      • Register customer business cards and manage them collectively. Upload a large amount of customer information in batches using our Ecount Excel uploader add in.
      • Customer Contact Management
    Customer Management (CRM)