Web-based ERP
Having a ERP that is not 100% cloud based or used in real time can make it difficult accessing and sharing your data with employees and executives.
ECOUNT is 100% web-based and allows all members to view accurate data reflected in real-time without time and location constraints.
  • You must have consistent Internet access, to view all software information. This creates an easy method to run your business at any time, even when out of the office.
  • View all company, warehouses, factories and additional branches information in seconds.
  • Ecount can be used on devices such as Windows, MacOS, PC, Laptops, Tablets, and mobile phones.
  • We take our software security very serious. One may conduct daily backups in real time and export data in Excel.
    • What are the advantages of a web-based program?
      The biggest advantage is that you can use anytime and anywhere with internet, so you can share your work in real time.
    • Can I use it on my phone?
      Of course. You can use it on any device - desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. - and you can also use ECOUNT app, which is free on your phone.
    • Can I use it overseas?
      Yes, just as long as you have access to internet, you can use it anywhere in the world.
    • Will PC spec matter?
      If you have a PC that can do normal Word or Excel work, it is good enough to use ECOUNT.
    • Which browser should I use?
      Available in all browsers. However, we would recommend Google Chrome because it is optimized for Chrome browser.
    • What if the internet does not work?
      It is extremely rare that there is no internet access. However, if you have a temporary problem with the internet, you can connect your mobile Wi-fi to handle urgent business.
    • I have lost my data because of PC breakdown and viruses. I'm afraid that I will face another data loss.
      Data you enter into ECOUNT is kept in the servers, not in your PC. Even if your PC is broken or gets viruses, ECOUNT will keep all of your data safe.
    • Do I need special network settings to use ECOUNT?
      If you have normal internet access, you can use ECOUNT without any installation or setup.
    • When I used Excel, it was impossible to modify data with my colleagues at the same time. Can we all access ECOUNT at the same time?
      Yes, data entered by each person is reflected in the program in real time.
    • I want to work on multiple menus at the same time, is it possible?
      Yes, you can open multiple browser windows and work on different menus at the same time.
    Main Features
    • 100% web-based ERP, Access anytime, anywhere
      • Access Ecount anywhere, anytime, regardless of domestic or overseas location.
      • Even if the salesperson is outside the office location, with authorization one can immediately check the necessary information, such as the customer information or the item price, through the mobile app.
      • All users can see updated items, sales, purchase, or shipping data in real time
    • Department User Authorization
      • Set user restrictions by individual ID, or by department
    • Transparent Connectivity
      • Use Ecount on any device like PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.
      • Our ECOUNT app, has been optimized for any mobile environment and is available free of charge.
      • Easy Setup
    • Account security and Backup
      • The data one enters will be stored securely on ECOUNT server with each save, not on your PC, or personal server or USB. ECOUNT server uses Amazon Web Services(AWS) and design to be secure and block any virus or issues on site.
      • We encrypt the stored data to prevent unauthorized sources, and then back it up every day.
    Web-based ERP