Unlimited Users
ECOUNT offers unlimited user ID's at no additional cost! Introduce everyone in your company to one software and bridge communication.
  • Unlimited users, all members can use all the features at no additional cost.
  • Set authorization to enter, view, and delete data by user and department.
    • Do I have to pay for each user?
      ECOUNT offers unlimited number of user IDs at no additional cost.
    • Can I set different authorization settings per user ID?
      Yes. Authorization can be set differently for each user ID, so entering menus and access to register/edit vouchers can be limited according to each user ID.
    • Is simultaneous access possible?
      Yes. It is recommended to use your own ID for each user in order to check usage history.
    • Can I access multiple PCs with the same ID?
      Yes. It is possible to connect simultaneously with one ID. However, since ECOUNT offers unlimited number of users, we recommend that you make IDs for each user.
    • Can I check an ID's usage history?
      You can check each user ID's login and voucher history.
    • Can our franchise stores use together with us?
      Available because it is user unlimited, you can give ID to all franchase stores without hesitation and you can set up so that only the necessary menu is checked by each store.
    • Can I use it overseas?
      Yes, just as long as you have access to internet, you can use it anywhere in the world.
    • Can I use it on my phone?
      Of course. You can use it on any device - desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. - and you can also use ECOUNT app, which is free on your phone.
    • I want my store staff to view the stock balance of a specific warehouse only.
      You can limit the ID's authorization to view all warehouses and locations and by allowing them to view only what they should be viewing.
    • Can I make multiple administrator IDs?
      Multiple administrator IDs can be made. You can set which IDs will be 'Master IDs'.
    • Can I show only the menu that the users need to use?
      With authorization settings, specific menu can be shown only to specific users.
    • Can I give the same authorization to multiple IDs?
      You can easily set same authorization to multiple ID by using copy authorization function.
    Main Features
    • Unlimited users
      • Register unlimited users at no extra charge.
      • Authorization for user IDs can be assigned only by the Master ID.
      • Set Authorization by Individual User or Department
    • Account Access Authorization
      • Control unauthorized access by restricting access time, and IP address by User ID.
    Unlimited Users