Ecount is a reliable and dependable company that has developed one of the first Web-based ERP.
  • ECOUNT is a robust company that has continued to grow.
  • ECOUNT has optimized their infrastructure to accommodate growing and innovative industries.
  • ECOUNT prides itself over its level of security and attention to details. In addition, our price for an all inclusive ERP can't be beat.
    • Is the web-based system secure?
      As much as 50,000 companies are currently using ECOUNT, we are making a lot of security efforts. ECOUNT was certified by ISO27001 in June 2011, one of the most reliable international security certifications, and is being renewed annually through audits. All of the entered data is being stored in a secure IDC (Internet Data Center), which prevents unauthorized personnel and unusual network access.
    • Is it possible to set security for each ID?
      You can block connections from specific IPs or block the ERP connection itself. The administrator can also check the login history of each user.
    • Does the server crash or become corrupted?
      Yes. The data you enter in ECOUNT is stored simultaneously in 3 databases. If a problem occurs on a specific server, it does not hinder the use of the program. With the exception of serious natural disasters or warfare, 3 databases can not fail at the same time.
    • Is it usable without internet?
      ECOUNT is Internet based. If the internet is suddenly disconnected, you can access it on your mobile, or you can input it by using hotspot on your mobile.
    • Does the update work well?
      ECOUNT always performs free upgrades so that you can always use the latest version of the program.
    • Is the data backup in ECOUNT working well?
      Data entered in ECOUNT ERP will be stored in different storages on a daily basis for a specific time period. It checks and saves the changes every hour, so it is possible to verify the changes per hour and take action.
    • Can I download the data?
      Yes. Our client companies can select the period themselves and download the input data in Excel form at once. It can be used to archive backup data on its own, initialize the data, or transfer the data to another system.
    • Is your customer support good?
      Through Q&A centers, In-field Training, and practice training, we guide our client companies with efficient ways to utilize ECOUNT.
    • I have lost all my data in my computer due to the computer malfunction or a virus attack. Would that be okay?
      Yes. Because ECOUNT is web-based, the entered data will not be lost even if there is a problem with the PC, such as virus infection.
    • Is it possible to set anything other than a password, like the mobile lock screen in the mobile app?
      Yes. Fingerprint recognition and iris recognition can also be used to log in on certain devices.
    Main Features
    • Dedicated and Reliable Software & Company
      • ECOUNT was one of the first cloud based ERP software's, and since has improved.
      • We have set our price based on the amount of consistent customers we have gained allowing to making the product affordable for all.
      • Adaptable & Scalable