Cloud Security

We have obtained ISO 27001 international certification and maintain strong information security protocol.
  • ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized security standard certification in the field of information security.
  • ECOUNT achieved ISO 27001 certification in June 2011 due to efforts to strengthen information security of our network.
  • ECOUNT is focused on managing customer information and establishing strong security protocol by maintaining ISO certification requirements.
ISO 27001
Your data is stored on multiple servers.
  • Data entered into ECOUNT is stored on 3 different servers.
  • In the event of a problem with a specific server, you can resume work because we'll switch over to an available server without redundant data.
Your data is stored on multiple servers.
We block security breaches and unauthorized access from the source.
  • ECOUNT servers are stored in IDC and it blocks any and all intrusions from a hardware aspect.
  • We build and maintain strong and thorough security systems including Network Framework (Firewall), IPS (Intrusion Detection System), SSL (Versign International Authorized Authentication), and 24-hour monitoring.
  • Any IP suspected of being malicious will be blocked and all abnormal attempts will be detected and blocked immediately.
You can set your own security levels in the ERP.
  • You can block access of specific IP addresses or shut down the software.
  • You can set password change cycles.
  • Administrators can trace logins per user and control access points.
You can set your own security levels in the ERP.