Server Security
ECOUNT ERP, will protect your company's business data without spending a lot of time and money on server management and data security.
  • Ecount has acquired and maintained ISO27001 certification that mandates we follow strong information security on a international level.
  • Entered data by users is securely distributed across multiple servers in our Headquarter office
  • To protect further our clients ERP data, we use Amazon Web Services(AWS). Furthermore, users can set their own level of account security.
    • Does managing the server require an additional cost?
      Maintenance fees are included in the basic fee, so there is no additional cost.
    • Do I have to manage my server from my own office?
      It is managed directly by ECOUNT, so there is no need to manage it directly.
    • How are servers being managed?
      For the best security, unauthorized people are being kept in the IDC(Internet Data Center) for inaccessibility.
    • Is it possible to manage internal security through IP settings?
      Yes. You can prevent access from unauthorized IP by setting individual IP per ID.
    • Is it possible to manage login history per each ID?
      Possible. You can view the connection time, number of times, and IP address per each ID.
    • ECOUNT will not be hacked, right?
      Until now, there have not been any single security incidents, such as hacking, and all data is kept in the IDC (Internet Data Center), which has the highest level of security. Currently, more than 50,000 companies use ECOUNT.
    • I would like to receive backups regularly, as data may be lost. Is it possible?
      You do not have to worry about losing data in ECOUNT. If you want, you can always back up in Excel form.
    • I know ECOUNT employees can look up our company's data. Can it be limitted?
      Employees can only view a company's data when consulting, after they ask for a permission from your side for access. However, if you do not wish our consultants to look up your data at all, you can dicline their request.
    • ECOUNT is a web page, so it seems to be less secure than being stored on a real server.
      The data on the web page is stored on the web 'server' and the server is stored in the Internet Data Center (IDC), a server hotel with a much stronger security system than ordinary in-house servers.
    • Will the data be deleted once we withdrawal our ECOUNT membership?
      Yes. Data will be deleted when you leave. However, data may be deleted after 3 months from the date of withdrawal in order to restore data.
    Main Features
    • ISO27001 international certification
      • ISO 27001 Certification is the internationally recognized certification system that mandates security standards by an international board of members in the field of information security. We manage data through a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS), in accordance with ISO 27001 Certification requirements. Data Security/ Management
    • Account Security Level
      • Specify times you wish to allow users to access the account Block unrecognized IPs and review a history of all login entry points. Set a password change cycle to keep account security in tact.
      • Administrators can check logins per user and control logins from unauthorized places(force logout, etc.).