Notification Options
You can share your work or ask for e-approval by sending a notification to a person in charge. Notification types such as SMS, Memo, Messenger, Email, Mobile app push notification,
  • Notifications enable quick turnaround to decision makers and employees.
  • You can automatically send notifications to designated personnel when you enter related slips
  • Our mobile apps push notifications to let you quickly check the work and progress.
    • I would like the person in charge of the orders to know immediately when I enter the Purchase Order.
      If you use the statement notifications setting, you can send a note, SMS, or Email to the person in charge at the same time.
    • Is it possible to inform the conference agenda in advance?
      It is possible by using the Schedule menu. You can set up a reminder when you schedule an event so that the attendees can be notified in advance.
    • Can I notify my department immediately when I enter the manufacture quantity?
      When you enter the Product Slips, you can use the notification function to deliver the slip to the person in charge via email.
    • I would like to share my existing sales slip with my team members. Is it possible?
      Yes. It is possible by using the messenger sharing function, and share it after opening a group chat in messenger.
    • I am using a board on Groupware. Can I notify my employees by e-mail when I post?
      If you select the 'notification method by e-mail' when you write a notice on board, all the employees will receive an e-mail at the same time you register.
    • Can I get reminders of the events I have on my calendar?
      If you use the Schedule notification function, you can receive the notice in a few hours or days in advance by mail or via e-mail.
    • Will the top assignee get the details by e-mail if someone uploads e-Approval?
      When registering e-Approval, you can specify the notification setting by e-mail, and the top approver can check the contents and process approval by email.
    • When the e-Approval document is complete, can I notify referenced people through the application?
      Possible. When setting the notification, you can notify the application by setting a note and an APP notification to the Cc.
    • We are a company that produce through job orders. Can I receive an alarm in advance of the delivery date listed in the Job Order?
      When you create a Job Order, you can register the due date on the calendar, and you can receive reminders through the notification settings.
    • Can I send a notice to my company employee when I enter the inventory slip?
      When you save a slip, you can automatically send e-mail, notes, SMS, and mobile push notifications to your contacts.
    • The Approver is out of the office. Can the Approver check and confirm my vacation plan?
      If you send an app push notification while you save a slip, it can be notified by mobile even if the approver is outside, and you can proceed to approve immediately.
    • We applied ECOUNT online order system and opened the site to our customers. Can they notify my employee when they have made an entry?
      You can set up orders for all customers to be sent to the person in charge or to notify the person in charge about the order details for a specific customer.
    • I have written a workshop post in the Notice board, how can I get the employees to know about the post?
      You can choose notifications when saving notices to send notifications to posters and ccs.
    • Is there any way I can inform my employees of the order receipt according to the due date?
      It can be delivered via e-mail, SMS, mobile phone push notification via Schedule notification function.
    Main Features
    • Fast and accurate work communication
      • When registering ERP slips, schedules, e-approval, and posting, you can specify the relevant employees and send a note, SMS, Messenger, email etc.
      • If the employees click the link to the message or the email you sent, he could see detailed job postings Automatically notify a employee
    • Mobile App Push Notifications
      • ECOUNT supports mobile apps for free.
      • With mobile app, you can get real-time notifications on the go and see what's happening.
    Notification Options