Notification Options
You can share your work or ask for e-approval by sending a notification to a person in charge. Notification types such as SMS, Memo, Messenger, Email, Mobile app push notification,
  • Notifications enable quick turnaround to decision makers and employees.
  • You can automatically send notifications to designated personnel when you enter related slips
  • Our mobile apps push notifications to let you quickly check the work and progress.
    Main Features
    • Fast and accurate work communication
      • When registering ERP slips, schedules, e-approval, and posting, you can specify the relevant employees and send a note, SMS, Messenger, email etc.
      • If the employees click the link to the message or the email you sent, he could see detailed job postings Automatically notify a employee
    • Mobile App Push Notifications
      • ECOUNT supports mobile apps for free.
      • With mobile app, you can get real-time notifications on the go and see what's happening.
    Notification Options