Optimizing menus
Reluctant to change don't worry Ecount has you covered,
Ecount is extremely easy and painless. With the help of our support team and self help guides one can start using Ecount with confidence.
  • Use My Page to create your own customized module and keep your workflow organized. .
  • Our online inquiry system can have one of our representatives reach out in minutes and assist you with implementation.
    • Can I change the menu name to suit my company?
      You can not change the actual menu name, but you can use MyPage to display the first menu name as you like.
    • Can I limit functions for each user?
      Of course. You can set menu authorization for each user so that only allowed menu can be accessed.
    • Can I edit input screens?
      You can add and remove input fields or change field names.
    • Is it possible to create mainly used menus, like favorites?
      Yes, you can add frequently used menus as bookmarks for easy access.
    • Can I create and get statistics on certain data by using fields I want?
      The data entered in each menu can be viewed in statistics form in the report menu.
    • Can I set different languages for different users?
      You can set different langues for each use ID.
    • Can I make separate settings for users who are familiar with using mouse or keyboard when inputting data?
      Yes, you can set voucher input method where you can apply different input methods depending on the user.
    • I have browsed ECOUNT Demo and think it is too complicated.
      Since we provide all necessary features, you may be confused and unfamiliar with what we provide. However when you actually start using the program, you will only be using certain menus that are suitable for your business and hide the rest of the menus. In this way, it will look more simple than having all menus taken out.
    • Can I set MyPage by group?
      You can use Authorization Group function to group them together.
    • Can I change the order of menus available? I mainly use the accounting side.
      Yes, you can easily change the order of menus.
    Main Features
    • Enable and Disable Menus
      • Create a user friendly experience and focus on key menus you will be using. Hide menus and display menus at a click of a button. User Friendly Experience
    Optimizing menus