Input Screen Optimization
ECOUNT allows one to adjust how they enter the data and manage information.
  • Adjust fields by name or location, rename fields, or add or hide information from inside all the input fields.
    • Is it possible to adjust or modify input screens?
      Additional input fields are available. You can also modify column names. Even though it does not look like what your company is currently using, all data that needs to be managed can be included in reports.
    • Is it possible to add formulas and calculations?
      By applying formulas to the input screen, you can get automatically calculated values.
    • Does it cost extra to edit the input screen?
      You can customize it yourself in User Customization menu at no additional cost.
    • There are too many features, can we get rid of some menus?
      You can make it look simple by hiding unnecessary menus.
    • How many additional input fields can be applied?
      Each menu has different standards but you can add approximately 10 additional input fields per input screen.
    • Can I set different input screen for each menu?
      Of course. You can set different input screens for each menu.
    • Can I set a specific input field to be a must before saving?
      Yes, with required field settings users must input something in the field before saving. Otherwise you will not be able to save the slip.
    • Can I automatically bring customer information when creating a voucher?
      If you set a column to retrieve customer information by default, you can automatically get customer information such as contact number and addresses.
    • When creating a voucher, I want to adjust the column width.
      You can modify the width of each column - both increase and decrease - in the input field setup menu.
    • We always have a decimal point for the unit price. Can we input decimals?
      You can choose to use decimal point function or not. In addition, you can choose whether to show .0 value or not.
    • Is it possible to set the default date of a voucher?
      You can set default date value and set a specific date to be automatically filled into the date field.
    • I do not want to see the column for unit price.
      With our input screen setup function, you can hide the unit price column.
    • Can I change input order in the voucher input screen?
      Of course. If you specify the input order for each input field, you can use Enter or Tab key to move in that order when creating a voucher.
    • Can I check receivables when I enter a sales voucher?
      Yes, you can add a specific field to set the value to be loaded as balance so that the account receivable is automatically calculated.
    Main Features
    • Customize How to Enter Data
      • Add, modify, or delete input fields as you wish.
      • Set the size and fields of input fields.
      • Formulas can be applied to input fields, as well as items that require calculation such as weight and item information.
    • Additional Configuration Features
      • When selecting a customer or item, one can set up for data to automatically display the details of customized fields.
      • Avoid data reentry by registering Frequently Used Phrases in the input screen.
      • Specify for a custom field to be required to assure data is being saved accurately. .
    Input Screen Optimization