Data Backups
Worried about data being lost, compromised or deleted?
ECOUNT ERP keeps your company's data secure through a complete backup system, even if you do not back up directly.
  • The data entered into ECOUNT ERP is kept tracked and if modified or deleted can show by who and when.
  • Perform a backup of the data you have entered for your own records whenever you wish.
    • Do I need to back up my data?
      You do not need a backup because we keep your data securely in ECOUNT, but you can back up your data in Excel form anytime you want.
    • Is there a separate backup server?
      Yes. All data entered in ECOUNT will be backed up daily. Even if one server fails, we can recover it immediately because the data is stored in 3 databases.
    • Is the data automatically backed up?
      ECOUNT server is an automatic backup. If you want to keep backup data directly in your company, you have to back up manually at certain intervals.
    • Can I reset all data?
      You can initialize all the entered data through the administrator ID.
    • We additionally registered another business and newly added ECOUNT. Can I send the backup data to the new one if I have the same information on items and customers?
      If you download data such as items, accounts, etc., as 'Data Upload', you can re-upload the data without any editing.
    • When I leave ECOUNT, how long do you keep my data?
      We keep data for up to 3 months after unsubscribing. If you use it again within 3 months, you can use it without losing any of the previously entered data.
    • Can the entered data be backed up?
      You can back up freely with Excel.
    • I'm trying to format my computer, do I have to back it up? (Do I have to backup regularly?)
      All data entered in ECOUNT is stored in ECOUNT server, so data is not lost by formatting your PC. Separately, you can download data in Excel form whenever you need it.
    • Is it possible to back up the drafts?
      Groupware data such as drafts and attachments can also be downloaded in Excel form.
    • Is it possible to back up the data I entered long ago?
      While using ECOUNT, the data sheet can be backed up regardless of the data type or duration entered during use.
    • Can I backup ECOUNT webmail too?
      Web mail data can also be downloaded in Excel form.
    Main Features
    • Data Backup
      • The data entered in ECOUNT ERP will be stored in different archives on a daily basis for precise control.
      • Backup policy
    Data Backups