Customizable Reports
If you are having trouble generating a specific report using Excel or Word Ecount offers another alternative.
ECOUNT has developed several inventory and accounting reports with search options designed to quickly find the data you need.
  • No need to create reports using document programs such as(Excel, Word, etc.).
  • Set whether to view reports by department or employee
  • Create a various inventory and accounting reports. Generate customer statements that displays total sales, payments made, and outstanding balances.
    • Can we use input templates and reports that we are currently using in our company?
      Yes, you can easily change input fields and reports. Even though it will generally follow ECOUNT's template shape, what goes inside can be customized.
    • There are certain slips, vouchers and data that only authorized staff should be able to see. Can I set different levels of authorization for each ID?
      You can set different authorization levels for each ID. You can also set authorization for report templates, so that only authorized staff can view them.
    • Can we set different columns and make a variety of different report forms?
      Yes, for each report templates, you can set 50 different formats.
    • How are the reports made? Is there a guidline on how to make a report?
      You do not need to create reports separately. When you enter a voucher, such as sales, purchases, receivables or payables, it is automatically reflected in reports.
    • When I check sales history, is it possible to check the ratio of real sales price to a standard sales price?
      Formula can be set up in reports so you can set up any sort of formula to compare real sales price to standard sales price and calculate amount differences.
    • Can we insert our logo and seals into transaction related reports?
      If you register your company logo and an image of your company seal, you can display it on various templates and reports.
    • We are in export and trading business, can we print out a commercial invoice?
      ECOUNT provides commercial invoice templates that can be sent out to overseas customers.
    Main Features
    • Generate Custom Reports
      • A variety of standard Inventory and Accounting reports are provided, so you are bound to find what you need without any additional setup.
      • Create up to 50 different report versions in the form you need.
      • A report can be generated that reflects various conditions and item information.
    • Assign Viewing Restriction by Report
      • You can grant permission to allow employees to view certain reports .
      • Restrict what reports by department you wish your employees to have access to view.
      • Create Customer Statements
    Customizable Reports