Multilingual Support
Keep information secured and available when needed.
Our ERP is the best solution when it comes to have data at your finger tips.
  • You can set the language preferance for each user(ID).
  • Management data of overseas branch/factory can also be managed by the main office.
  • Contact customer support when needed for free.
  • You can apply the additional tax rate, monetary unit, and account for each country.
    • What languages are supported?
      English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai.
    • Can I get customer support in my language?
      Of course. Local branch offices provide customer support, including feature calls, in the language of your country.
    • Do I need to use English in our head office as well in order to use it with our overseas offices?
      You can set the language for each ID, so you can use ECOUNT in your own language.
    • Can I make reports in different languages?
      Possible. You can create and add output forms for each language so you can see the language-specific reports instantly as you type.
    • Can I manage the accounts of overseas branches together?
      Of course. ECOUNT's account code is free to add/modify according to your needs. If you set up your account code to meet the accounting standards of your overseas branch, you can manage it together.
    • Is it possible to communicate with overseas branches through ERP?
      Possible. You can use ECOUNT's messenger and note function to communicate with overseas offices in real time.
    • Are manuals available for overseas branches?
      Of course. Manuals and video tutorials are provided in each language.
    • Is it possible to apply tax laws that are appropriate for overseas countries?
      Possible. You can set the tax rate directly according to local tax laws.
    • Is it possible to write a draft in a foreign language?
      Yes. If you use ECOUNT's groupware, you can create the e-approval directly in the local language.
    Main Features
    • User-specific language settings
      • If you have a corporation or branch office overseas, you can use different language settings for each user.
      • There is no additional system installation or additional cost for language selection.
      • Ecount offers Korean, English, Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai
    • Overseas branch office/factory integrated management
      • The contents entered at the local factory and office will be reflected in real time.
      • You can immediately check the latest reports such as production results, inventory and accounting reports.
      • You can see various reports such as income statement by integrating the main office and the branch, or they can be checked separately.
    • Local Language Support Services
      • Assign a personalized language preferences by user ID's.
      • Contact our support team if you need an specified language preference for support .
      • We also provide video tutorials and online manuals in the languages we support.
    • Optimization of usage according to country
      • Additional tax percentages can be set directly to suit local tax laws.
      • Accounting chart of accounts and information can be added or changed manually according to the local language.
      • You can set the currency unit and the number of decimal places.
    Multilingual Support