Multilingual Support
Keep information secured and available when needed.
Our ERP is the best solution when it comes to have data at your finger tips.
  • You can set the language preferance for each user(ID).
  • Management data of overseas branch/factory can also be managed by the main office.
  • Contact customer support when needed for free.
  • You can apply the additional tax rate, monetary unit, and account for each country.
    Main Features
    • User-specific language settings
      • If you have a corporation or branch office overseas, you can use different language settings for each user.
      • There is no additional system installation or additional cost for language selection.
      • Ecount offers Korean, English, Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai
    • Overseas branch office/factory integrated management
      • The contents entered at the local factory and office will be reflected in real time.
      • You can immediately check the latest reports such as production results, inventory and accounting reports.
      • You can see various reports such as income statement by integrating the main office and the branch, or they can be checked separately.
    • Local Language Support Services
      • Assign a personalized language preferences by user ID's.
      • Contact our support team if you need an specified language preference for support .
      • We also provide video tutorials and online manuals in the languages we support.
    • Optimization of usage according to country
      • Additional tax percentages can be set directly to suit local tax laws.
      • Accounting chart of accounts and information can be added or changed manually according to the local language.
      • You can set the currency unit and the number of decimal places.
    Multilingual Support