Affordable ERP
ECOUNT will reduce your internal costs by providing an all inclusive ERP with unlimited users at a cost of $55/month. Using ECOUNT will allow one to focus on the growth of their company!
  • All Inventory and Accounting features at a set monthly price of $55 USD.
  • Instantly access all ECOUNT information by using our mobile app, communicate with employees instantly with our messenger, have customers submit their orders directly with our CS Portal.
    Obtain support instantly, access video tutorials, learn more by using our online manuals and obtain system upgrades at free of charge.
    • Is there additional charges for add-on menus?
      There is no additional fee for each function. All functions of ERP such as inventory, production, accounting, sales, payroll are offered at a fixed amount, for $55/month.
    • How can you explain for the relatively low price?
      ECOUNT is affordable because we already have all the features you will need for your business, so we do not have to spend extra time developing it.
    • Is there an additional charge for each computer or user ID?
      ECOUNT is a web-based system that does not require installation and unlimited number of user IDs. There is no additional charge for each PC added or user ID.
    • Is there a chance that ECOUNT's fee will be increased in the future?
      None at all. All functions of ERP at $55 a month is a pricing policy that we have maintained for 20+ years.
    • Can I use the mobile app for free?
      Yes, with ECOUNT PC version, mobile app is also free and you can use all features of ECOUNT in your app just like the PC version.
    • Does it cost extra to change the report templates?
      No additional charges are incurred. Built-in self-customizing features allow you to freely modify the input screens and reports, so you can change the templates at no additional cost.
    • Is there another module other than $55/month?
      ECOUNT is a system in which all functions are provided in one program. The pricing policy is fixed at $55/month.
    • Are there any additional costs when using overseas?
      Even if you use overseas, there is no additional fee, and you can freely use it whenever and wherever you need with internet.
    • Is there any maintenance or upgrade cost?
      No, maintenance, upgrade and server management fee will not be charged.
    • Do you have any discount policy?
      When you pay for 1-year-subscription fee, we offer a discount that is equivalent to 1 month's subscription fee. (Annual subscription fee: $600)
    Main Features
    • Why ECOUNT is Affordable?
      • 50,000 companies are now using ECOUNT and growing, so we are able to sustain such a competitive price for our clients.
      • As a cloud-based ERP, there is no charge for installation and input screen and template customization.
      • Because it consists of one system, the cost of maintaining and upgrading the system is relatively low.
    • All the features you need for your company
      • It provides all functions such as inventory, production, accounting, sales, purchasing, salary, etc. at $55 per month.
      • You can customize and change various functions for your company.
      • Since all the functions of ERP are connected to one another, with ECOUNT ERP you can manage the entire company with one task.
    • Customization at it Finest
      • It has all the functions and can be adjusted and used according to your exact company needs with simple setting configuration.
      • There is no additional cost for customization of input screens, item set up, and template print formats. Free Upgrades and Full System Management