Company Messenger
Communicate with all employees or executives by chat messager.
  • Keep all your employees under one software to manage work and communication instead of using Whatsapp or lines.
  • ECOUNT messenger is linked to our ERP Inventory and Accounting menus to share information.
  • It included in the monthly subcription and can be used on mobile app and PC.
    • How many users can use the company messenger?
      ECOUNT offers unlimited user registration. So company messenger can be used by everyone.
    • Can I upload files easily?
      You can easily share the files you want to transfer to your chat room by dragging them with your mouse.
    • Is the company messenger only available on PC?
      ECOUNT is a web-based ERP program. If you have access to internet, you can have real-time conversations on PC, mobile, and tablet PC.
    • Is it possible to search the history of conversation?
      You can search for your conversation history by entering keywords in the chat room.
    • The conversation logs are bound to take up quite a bit of storag capacity. What is the setting for archiving messages?
      Archiving of conversations can be set to be permanent or only for a month. Each chat room can be set up and you can permanently save important chat room messages.
    • How would you know you received messages in ECOUNT messenger when you are not working on the ERP?
      Desktop notification can be set. Even when you are away from the ERP screen, messages received in the messenger can be notified through notifications.
    • Is there a way to make employee management more useful with company messenger?
      First, you can control your employees' laziness during work hours by using an another messenger where chatting cannot be controlled. Also, if you have a chat room that is open for company's important announcements, you can use the 'lock chat room' feature to prevent employees from leaving the chat room.
    • Can I download the contents of the chat room?
      You can download the conversation history as a .txt file.
    • Can I send and receive files in the messenger?
      You can freely send and share files.
    • How long is the duration for downloading the data shared through messenger?
      The downloading period for files holds for 1 week, images for 24 hours.
    • Can I create an inventory or accounting slip in messenger?
      Of course. In messenger, you can create and immediately share documents such as stock, accounting, and etc.
    • Can you do e-approval through ECOUNT messenger?
      You can create a draft of the e-approval in messenger, and the approver can check the contents of the draft and approve immediately.
    • Can I bring the postings in ERP into the chatrooms?
      You can share documents created in each menu with the participants in the chatroom, such as ERP vouchers, documents to approve, and articles written on boards.
    • I only want to check the important contents of the conversation, is it possible?
      Yes. You can bookmark chat conversations in messenger and check only the ones you have bookmarked.
    • Can I see if a user is not present or busy in messenger?
      Yes. You can easily notify other users by showing your current status in messengeer, such as Away/Out to lunch/In a meeting.
    Main Features
    • Corporate Chat Messenger
      • Exchange communication 1: 1 or in group chat rooms allows for a better instant communication.
      • Share and transfer images, documents, and inventory/accounting slips.
      • Preview information prior to sending to chat rooms. Bookmark and search for information from old chats and store contexts. Chat Messenger in Mobile App
    Company Messenger