AR/AP Management
It is important for any corporation to take care of payables and receivables related to external commerce.
When sales/purchases occur, you do not have to carry out separate tasks for receivables/payable when linked to accounting functions.
  • Customers receivable/payables books are automatically created
  • You can check your receivables/payables details under the desired conditions.
    Main Features
    • Receicavles/Payables Management
      • If you enter only the transaction details, ECOUNT ERP automatically clears the receivables/payables for each customer.
      • Easily linked with the sales/purchase menu, you can manage your payables/receivables without omissions.
    • Search by condition
      • You can set various conditions for the AR/AP status report of ECOUNT by date, by employee and by customer.
      • We provide various types of reports such as AR/AP payback period tables and balance analysis sheets as a basis.
    AR/AP Management