AR/AP Management
It is important for any corporation to take care of payables and receivables related to external commerce.
When sales/purchases occur, you do not have to carry out separate tasks for receivables/payable when linked to accounting functions.
  • Customers receivable/payables books are automatically created
  • You can check your receivables/payables details under the desired conditions.
    • Can I view my receivables and debts per each customer?
      You can check the sales/purchases, collection/payment, and balance at a glance from the A/R by Customer and A/P by Vendor reports.
    • Can I only view the amount of the receivables that did not issue a tax invoice?
      Yes. We provide a report to see the amount of receivables with no issued tax invoice at a glance.
    • Sometimes sales and purchases occur at the same time. Do you also provide a ledger with AR/AP at the same time?
      Yes. You can view your receivable and payables at the same time in Customer/Vendor Book, and you can easily check your balance.
    • Could you manage the balance of accounts receivables per sale, rather than managing receivables per customer?
      You can create a tracking number for each sales slip, and manage the receivables case by case.
    • Can I view the balance of the receivables and payables on a monthly basis?
      Yes. We provide a report that allows you to check sales/collection/balance/uncollected amount at a glance.
    • Could you include the balance of multiple accounts (accounts receivable, receivable, etc.) in the receivables and payables books?
      Yes. If you display the receivable or payables attributes by account, they will be recognized in the books where you can check the accounts.
    • We deliver to multiple stores but there are times when we need to receive money at one point from our head office. Can I move the bonds to one point?
      You can bundle multiple accounts into one A/R Code, which allows you to manage receivable combined as one customer.
    • Is it possible to list the order of AR and AP by customer in descending order?
      You can easily check the amount in the report that can display the receivables/payables by the customer in any order you want.
    • I am in the construction industry, but can we check the down payment and remaining balance at the site?
      When you sign a contract you can create a tracking number and enter the down payment in receivable management. This way, you can check the balance by reducing the receivable every time you collect.
    • Can I give the individual number to my liking when the bond occurs?
      When entering a slip, you can create your tracking number by specifying it directly.
    • Is it possible to check the balance for each transaction even if you are constantly trading with the same company?
      You can create a tracking number for each sales transaction, and you can check by reducing it when collecting receivables.
    • Can I back up my entries?
      The contents can be converted and backed up into Excel.
    Main Features
    • Receicavles/Payables Management
      • If you enter only the transaction details, ECOUNT ERP automatically clears the receivables/payables for each customer.
      • Easily linked with the sales/purchase menu, you can manage your payables/receivables without omissions.
    • Search by condition
      • You can set various conditions for the AR/AP status report of ECOUNT by date, by employee and by customer.
      • We provide various types of reports such as AR/AP payback period tables and balance analysis sheets as a basis.
    AR/AP Management