Project & Department Expense Management Software

As sales increase and the number of employees grows, the range of tasks and accounts to manage also increases.
An ERP system must be able to show which transactions are occurring in each department and project. Furthermore,
the management report has to provide detailed information to allow managers to evaluate the current situation correctly to
prepare for the future. ECOUNT ERP department and project management software helps small and medium sized
companies manage business activities, projects and departments with greater ease. Users can create reports based on
department and project activity to ensure goals and deadlines are met.

Common Issues

  • Sales are increasing and no additional measures are being put into place for the better management of the additional
  • Management reports lack essential detail.
  • Difficulty tracking project and department budgets.
  • Gathering comprehensive project and department data is a tedious task.
With ECOUNT ERP, you can classify data by branch, department, or project to manage their respective accounting reports.
With a cloud-based system, managers can track budgets, timesheets, activity, purchases and sales by department and project anywhere in the world.


  • Manage budgets and activity for multiple departments in one integrated ERP system.
  • The accounting for each subsidiary, branch, department, and project can be managed separately.
  • Limit user access by department, project, and location. Users will only have access to the data pertinent to their activities.
  • Manage the workflow for multiple departments and locations.
  • Track department activity and easily create activity reports.
  • The program can be effectively used for manufacturing, sales, distribution, and service-based businesses.

Key Functions

Manage departments, projects, and branches

  • Limit the user ID access to departments and projects the user is working on.
  • Create projects to track activity and deadlines.
  • Track or assign purchases, expenses, inventory and equipment to a specific
    project and department.
  • Businesses can register branches to manage branch funds separately.
  • Can be effectively used to manage tasks from job orders to sales teams.
[Sum account receivable by department/customer]

Project and department reports

  • Create financial reports for projects, departments, and branches.
  • Create reports based on the persons-in-charge to measure goal and
    deadline progression.
  • Easily create summary or detailed reports based on projects and
[Income Statement by project]