What Is a Good Accounting Program?

The reason for changing accounting programs
Because it is not helpful.
The bank transaction history alone does not mean that the accounting has been managed.
The purpose of accounting management is to view the accounting reports.
If there is no material for the management to make correct judgment, the it will not be helpful to the company's overall management.
Because it is expensive.
Every time you increase or try to use additional payroll or inventory features,
if cost is added, then it will be a burden to the business.
Because it cannot be used by a lot of users.
If the program is only available on the PC of one accountant at a company, each time you send your work via email or printed material, it takes time to do so.
In addition, data are likely to be missed or misplaced because sales, purchases, production, and cost handling are managed separately.
Characteristics of Ecount Accounting Program
Reports and data can be checked from management level.
Simply access Ecount, and you'll see what you want.
The manager doesn't have to request data and receive it through e-mail or printed documents.
You can quickly and easily check your own accounting books and details.
A variety of reports are available, even the Income Statement and Balance Sheets to show the status of overall funds and sales.
The books are automatically created. It's very easy.
Entering only sales/purchase, received/paid details then it will be automatically journalized and all journalized details are reflected in all books in real time.
Because it provides easy entry function that requires only the essential details to be entered.
If you don't have any accounting knowledge, simply enter the transaction information to generate the accounting reports automatically.
Sales, purchases, and production details are brought into accounting straightaway.
All work in a company will end up in accounting.
Ecount can help transfer sales, purchases, and production details to accounting straightaway.
Then accounting details are immediately reflected in all reports and can be checked in real time.
Because of unlimited number of users, every person in charge can enter their own details.
After checking other department's data, we can process that data in accounting, so there's nothing to go missing.
Receipt/payment are accurately managed.
You can specify a scheduled date for collection/payment of sales and purchases outstanding amounts.
Based on the scheduled collection/payment, you can predict how much of your funds are available.
When the scheduled date arrives, the collection/payment details can be confirmed and reflected in the accounting reports.
Budget can be managed easily.
You can set and allocate budget for each period or department.
If you exceed the budget limit, either show a warning message or let you save after checking the message.
It helps fund operation within the budget limits.
Manage import transactions on a case-by-case basis.
You will be given a unique number for each import case(transaction).
This allows you to manage all details from invoice receipt to customs clearance by transaction item or by case.
You can also record various supplementary expenses incurred during the import process, so you can check the overall trend of the imports in the report.
A good accounting program is?