Notes Management
Manage notes efficently with our notes menu. This function allows user to enter details of notes payable and notes receivable.
  • Provides a menu to manage notes easily.
  • You can check various note information by generating detailed reports.
    • Is it possible to manage received and sent money notes?
      Yes. You can enter and manage received notes and their expiry dates.
    • Is it possible to input if I pay in notes with foreign currency?
      The notes received from the customer can be paid back to the buyer to process other endorsements.
    • Can I manage electronic notes?
      Yes. Because the electronic notes have the same management method as the general notes, they can be managed using the notes menu just as long as you register them properly.
    • Can I view my notes at once?
      You can check note numbers, customers, expiration dates, and amount at a glance in Outstanding Notes Status.
    • Is there a feature that automatically notifies you when a note is due?
      At the time of recording the note, there is no automatic notification function. However, you can utilize other notifications functions to be sent on the expiration date of a note.
    • I want to record note by departments and check it. Is it possible?
      When registering notes, you can assign departments, which you can later look up or summarize by department.
    • Can I check notes by its expiration date?
      You can search for notes by their expiration date and sort by these dates in the reports.
    • Is it possible to check the list of notes paid by each customer?
      Yes. It is possible to check the company that paid with notes.
    Main Features
    • Notes Management
      • Various types of note tasks, such as note receipt, maturity, discount, endorsement, etc. are organized into individual input menus.
      • Even if you input in the individual menu, the same note number will be displayed as the result of the same note.
      • Since it is possible to manage by case, 1: 1 matching management is possible even if many transactions occur. Bill Report
    Notes Management